The Golden Snail

I have to admit, I have a strange fascination with the concept of snails in beauty. Well with snails in general. I actually like escargot. I tend to view snails as an excuse to eat loads of garlic butter sauce. And I had to do an agricultural history paper once for an anthropology course where I found out that snails were one of the first farmed creatures. The mental image of herding snails still tickles me to this day.

I’ve seen snail based skin care before and although I have been intrigued and flirted with trying it out, I never really got around to it. When I pulled the Tony Moly Intense Care Gold Snail Hydro Gel Mask out of the pile of sheet masks I decided that today was the day. So according to the product page…

The luxe, gel-type mask adheres comfortably to skin to promote maximum absorption, and is infused with a cocktail of hydrating ingredients to leave the complexion feeling intensely nourished and supple. 24K Gold helps to brighten and soothe sensitive skin, and a blend of Fermented Snail Mucus essence, Ginseng extracts and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) improve hydration and radiance while encouraging collagen production. Enhancing skin’s vitality and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the luxurious face mask will leave skin feeling smooth, supple and resilient.

The Skinstore

So apparently the snails get a little help from gold and ginseng. I’m not entirely sure that gold has any actual skin care benefits. I’m pretty sure it is just there for the bling factor. I think ginseng is supposed to promote circulation though so I was happy to see that.

The mask comes in two parts, which I actually really like because I can get a better fit on my face with the two part masks than the one part ones. It is the type of gel mask that feels a bit like you are holding jelly in your hands. It is lighter weight than many of the other masks like the 111Skin and the Grace and Stella Gel masks. It is a thinner material than they are. It had the same slip-slidy texture they have though. I was wondering if the snail would make it slimier but it felt the same.

the top half in place

The two pieces went on well to my face and because they are a lighter weight than other gel masks I didn’t have to lie down to keep it in place. I could actually sit up without it sliding. I think the two part mask also helped distribute the weight better and prevented it from sliding.

complete mask on

The mask was saturated with liquid but not over saturated, so there was no dripping. After fifteen minutes I took the mask off and massaged in the remaining serum. I know some people squeeze the mask to extract the last of the serum from it, but when I did there really wasn’t any left to squeeze out. The mask helped the serum and what was left was on my face already.

I do like the texture of the gel masks and the way it felt on my skin. I like that it didn’t slide down my face. The serum in the mask provided me with plenty of moisture and absorbed well without a lot of extra. It was a nice mask and I would certainly use it again. My skin did feel quite nourished. Was it worth the price? Yes.

not a lot of serum left behind

Am I sold on snail as a beauty ingredient? The jour is still out. I think I would have to try a couple of more snail based products to see how it performed. But the snail was the only ingredient in this mask that I have not used before and I did not have any sort of adverse reaction (other than the fact that there was no garlic butter). This does make me more confident in trying more snail infused beauty products. I just wish they’d come up with a different description than snail mucus. I’m okay knowing it’s not the actual snails in the mask but mucus in skin care isn’t all that appealing. Still the mask was a good one and one I wouldn’t mind picking up again. I am just going to think of it as a snail infusion though.

So that was my friday Face mask. It was a nice break from the day and actually allowed me a little time to plan my afternoon.

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