En Garde, Monsieur Soleil! Testing out the Polaar Fluide Solaire with SPF 50

And yes, I’ll admit it, I watched the Addams Family last night. when I was little I wanted to grow up and live in that house. The combination of library, greenhouse, trap doors and space for swordplay was irresistible. I also grew up with books of Charles Addams drawings in the house.

But, for now we move away from childhood fantasies and on to the sunscreen.

I know that I have mentioned this Polaar Fluide Solaire 50 SPF sunscreen before as I have been using it a while.  It is in fact almost used up so I thought I should give the sunscreen it’s own review before I use the last of it and send it to the empties bin.  This deluxe sample came to me either in a Glossy Box or a Look Fantastic Box.  To be honest I can’t remember which one. 

According to the product page…

An effective shield against the sun’s rays, the Polaar Very High Protection SPF50+ Sunscreen Lotion prevents UVA and UVB light from causing damage to your delicate complexion. With an incredibly high SPF 50+, the sun cream contains multiple filters as well as mineral screens to ensure protection across the widest spectrum possible. The broad spectrum organic filters work by absorbing rays, blocking the harm that UVA and UVB can cause. This is combined with natural mineral screens that work by reflecting the UV rays away in a mirror-like effect. Boasting a waterproof formula, the lotion is a long-lasting solution to staying safe, particularly on summer holidays.

Being a lotion, you’ll be treated to an incredibly lightweight finish that sinks into skin for a non-greasy finish. Gliding across skin, it’s ideal for those who are particularly sensitive or burn easily. To ensure skin stays in its best condition, the lotion also works to moisturise and nourish for a soft, smooth finish. Dermatologist tested. Free from perfume, parabens, alcohol and mineral oil. Suitable for vegans. Made in France.

I will say that this is a much more lightweight sunscreen than is typically found in drug store sunblocks.  It has almost no scent to it and feels rather light on the skin.  It doesn’t leave that waxy/greasy feel that a lot of sunscreens can leave behind and it is an excellent sun block.  To be honest if I hadn’t been using the Volition sunscreen I would be over the moon to find this sunscreen.  It is one of the better ones I have come across.  It did start off with a bit of a white cast but after a moment or two the white faded away as the product was absorbed. It didn’t stay on top of the skin.

It is more cream than many sunscreens and the white fades away quickly as you rub it into your skin.

While good on the skin, it isn’t as good under makeup as the Volition sunscreen.  There were a couple of foundation products that it just didn’t want to play nice with. It made my matte foundations look a bit shiny.  It doesn’t add a glowy effect, it just made my t-zone look more oily faster than when I didn’t wear the sunscreen. The Polaar Sunscreen went well over moisturizer, just not under my foundation.  So if I was not wearing makeup that day, I could wear it on my face.  If I was wearing makeup I went for my Volition.

While this was a good sunscreen to wear on my walks, it felt wonderful on my neck and upper chest.  It felt great on the skin and as I do not apply makeup to my neck and chest there were no interaction problems. 

I think that where this sunscreen would shine (in a good way, not a greasy way) is if I was going to the beach or the lake.  I think that around water in a situation where I wasn’t wearing makeup it would be fantastic.  I am confident in saying that this is currently my second favorite sunscreen.  It is miles away from the coconut scented drug store sunscreens and only falters slightly when it comes to being worn under makeup.  I will happily keep this sunscreen around to use on no makeup days or to cover my neck and chest.

Would I spend  the $29.30 for a full sized tube of the Polaar Fluide Soliaire? Absolutely. The tube may soon be going to the empties bin and I do have a couple of more sunscreens to test out, but when I’m done with the testing I am confident a full sized tube will be ordered to be kept on hand for my time in the sun.

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