Momentarily, Something different…

As those of you who have been reading a while know, in my other life I am a writer (among other things) While I occasionally post my book releases and information on book sales, and still will moving forward, I have a new writing themed website. It is called Ten ’til Midnight. On it you can find lists of my books, and postings of new releases.

Each week day I also post a writing prompt and then (since I actually do the writing prompt myself) post what came out of my brain in the fifteen minutes.

There are also chapters available to read that can be found nowhere else. On the first of the month I post a chapter of an as yet to be released book. I actually started posting the monthly chapters on a different website, so I transferred all of the currently released chapters (which is why even though the writing prompts appear to start in October the Chapters started in February.

The book currently being posted is called Tansy Moves In and is the first book in the as yet to be released Oak Hill Series. October’s Chapter was Chapter 9. At the moment all previous Chapters are posted. They will remain up until January and then earlier Chapters will start disappearing.

For those interested, I hope you’ll check it out: Ten ‘Til Midnight.

And now back to our regularly scheduled posting.

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