Scrub a dub dub with Mio in the tub

Recently I have been using the Mio Sun Drenched Body wash.  It came in one of my subscription boxes (In case you have noticed a theme, I am trying to test out a bunch of my sample sized products, not only to clear out some space, but so that I can get an idea of what I want to order as gifts or for myself when the big sales kick off. So the phrase ‘sample sized from a subscription box’ may be an oft repeated one for the next little while)

According to the Mio product site…

Rejuvenate your skin with the Mio Sun-Drenched Body Wash. This luxurious shower gel effectively cleanses the body, swiftly capturing dirt and grime that may be lingering at the surface. Enhanced with illuminating pearlescent Minerals, the indulgent formula helps to boost the skin with a healthy-looking radiance.

Now available in a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula, the scented body wash is upgraded with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients. The brand’s new Feel-Good Complex features an Indian Fig Extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry blend, helping the skin to maintain hydration levels for a supple, silky finish. Andiroba Oil cloaks the body in its moisture-rich properties, working to thoroughly nurture and replenish.

Infused with a natural fragrance of Citrus and Orange Blossom, the vegan body wash fills the air with an energising, zesty aroma that invigorates the senses with every use. The micellar cleanser gently lifts impurities from the skin while restoring its vitality, leaving the body clean, fresh and luminous. Housed in 100% recyclable packaging, this product is crafted with sustainability in mind. Vegan and cruelty-free. Made in the UK.

The full size of this product retails for $20.  I love that the packaging leans towards sustainability and that it is nourishing to the skin.  I will say that it lathered up well and rinsed away clean.  My skin did feel hydrated and smooth. Even though the product appears to have a little shimmer in it, this doesn’t translate to the body. There is no shimmer once it foams and is used.

Product on the Daily Concepts body scrubber

I also felt as though I was washing myself with a liquid version of orange Starburst candy.  Because that is exactly how it smelled.  Like orange starbursts.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It was kind of amusing actually.  It was very nourishing on the skin and it was mentally fun to try and reconcile something that was good for my body with the candy scent (which as candy, one could assume it isn’t on any doctor’s recommended list.  At least thus far in my life no doctor has ever told me that my health would be improved by the routine ingestion of candy. Not that you should in any way ingest this body wash. It is for external scrubbing only).

While I did enjoy using this and my skin does feel lovely, I ended up craving candy far more than usual while using this.  While I’m not a big candy fiend, I do like Starbursts. They are tangy enough to not be just sweet. So while the product was nice, it won’t be returning to my bathroom. It wasn’t nice enough to overcome the candy infused desires.

However, I will be buying this body wash over the holiday season. The reason is my brother.  He does not like most of the ‘manly’ scented body washes out there.   He thinks they smell like he is bathing in cologne. In all honesty, I can’t tell you which ones he has tried.  I do know that occasionally he ends up buying little kids body wash as he likes the scent better. (otherwise he goes for the dove unscented body wash – but then he complains it is unscented and returns to the dino-wash).

foamy on the body scrubber

I should point out that while I ended up with a taste for the savory, my brother is a candy fanatic. I have never been in any place he has lived where there hasn’t been at least three stashes of candy around the house.  He puts the candy in mason jars so bugs won’t find them and break into his stash. I’m pretty sure this is why he likes the little kid’s body washes. Many of them seem to smell sweet.

Although recently he has been complaining that they don’t do the best job (mostly because they aren’t designed for adult skin so no surprise) and he doesn’t really like the dinosaur or cartoon like heads on the lids. I suspect someone has been teasing him about it since he has been trying out more adult body washes and complaining of most of them.

To be honest, I think that this body wash is actually the perfect solution for him.  It is an adult body wash that works for adult skin. It does not smell of cologne and it isn’t filled with perfume. It has no giant cartoon heads on the lid and it still smells like candy. I think that this might be a good addition to his Christmas stocking this year.  So despite not returning to my bathroom, I think I know someone who will really enjoy using this Mio Sun Drenched Body Wash.

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