Unboxing the October BoxyCharm Premium

This month I decided to do something different with my Boxy Charm account.  For a while now I have been signed up for both Boxy Charm and Boxy Charm Premium, with Boxy Luxe once a quarter.  I decided to pair this down so I cancelled my regular Boxy Charm and Boxy Luxe and just retained the Boxy Charm Premium subscription.  It is $35 per month.

The reasons I retained this one and not the others is that I went back through previous boxes and realized that over all I was happier with the products I received in the Boxy Premium box more often than the regular box.  They more consistently had products I wanted.  Plus, I also realized that most of the items that I liked in the other boxes were offered for sale at discounted prices from either the add ons or the Boxy Pop up. So chances were pretty good that if I saw a product I really liked that I didn’t receive, I could pick it up then. So I chose the subscription box that had the most items I favored and figured there was a good chance I could just pick up anything else I really wanted in the add ons. we’ll see how that ends up working out.

So this is my first month with just one Boxy Charm subscription.  I have to say, it was an interesting box this month.  First off the box arrived looking like someone decided to use it for an impromptu soccer game.  It was beaten up and one side was re-taped somewhere in transit.  I was quite nervous when I opened the box and I have to admit, I went straight for the eyeshadow palette. 

This month I received the Illuminati Cosmetics x ISA Eyes Shadow Palette (retail $48).  Surprisingly not a single shadow was damaged.  No breaks no cracks no crumbles.  I have to say I was shocked it was in such good condition. 

I am also surprised at how much I like the color story of the palette.  When I saw sneak peeks of the palette, I wasn’t that impressed.  However in person, it looks like an arrangement of shadows I would use and just looking at it I was able to come up with several ideas of how to put looks together.  Hopefully the formula proves to be as appealing as the colors.

I was somewhat disappointed to find that even though the insert card listed the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer (retail $39), it was missing from my box.  While the shadow palette made it through unscathed, the Clarins was MIA. I was kind of sad as I was really looking forward to trying it out.  I did contact Boxy Charm and they immediately sent out a replacement product.  However, the replacement they sent was the Murad Toner not the Clarins.  They were apparently out of the Clarins.  That is nothing against the Murad Toner, I’m sure it is a lovely product.  I’m just a little disappointed.

You know how much I love primers.

Speaking of disappointments, I might as well mention the other disappointment of the box.  This month I received a pair of MAC Cosmetics 43 Lashes (retail $18).  They look lovely.  MAC is a good brand with many fine products.  I do not wear lashes.  I do not like lashes and in every survey Boxy Charm sends me I ask them never to send me lashes. So this product will be passed on.

Also being passed on is the Laura Geller Fifty Kisses Lip Locking Liquid Color (retail $21).  The formula is fine.  It isn’t the most long lasting liquid lip, but it isn’t drying and the colors are generally very nice.  I have a couple that I routinely use.  The one I received in this month’s box is in an orange shade that is particularly unappealing on me.  That’s the reason I didn’t swatch it for this post.  I’m just leaving it sealed and sending it to someone who might like it more.  It is a pretty good formula, not my favorite, but good.  I just can’t take the color.

Next up is the Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys (retail $35).  They are pre moistened toner pads designed to exfoliate.  I had something similar from Elemis which I loved and am currently using a version from First Aid Beauty, which I don’t particularly care for.  Since these pre-moistened pads tend to start drying out as soon as you open them, I am leaving them sealed until I finish out the First Aid Beauty.  Perhaps knowing there is another version to try as soon as I finish these will make me more diligent in using them.

Finally we come to the item I chose in this month’s box and I have to say it looks to be the hero of the box.  It is the Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation (retail $42). I have wanted to try this for a while and in fact I have been eyeing the Alyaka Kosas sampler kit for months. 

The only reason I haven’t ordered it is because I wanted to work through my open foundations first and eliminated some of them from the dressing table before adding more. Incidentally the Alyaka sampler kits are great ways to try out brands to see if you like their products before you purchase a full size of anything. I have gotten a couple in the past and highly recommend them. Incidentally, if clean beauty is your thing (or even if you just like high quality products) the Alyaka Advent Calendar looks amazing this year. I’ve put the link below, you can also click on it to just go to their site.

But now I have a full sized foundation oil from Kosas to try out , so clearly it was meant to be.  So let’s look at the box as a whole.  For my $35 my box was to contain $203 worth of product.  The $39 Clarins was missing but it is being replaced by Murad which I’m guessing has a similar value so I will leave that in the end price. It is just delayed arrival. Mac ($18) and Laura Geller ($21) are both being passed on so I get no real value from them.  Which leaves me with $164 worth of products that I will actually use. 

I know that is a different way of calculating price, but I decided that for me, this is a better way to decide what is of value to me.  While I did cancel the regular Boxy Charm (and Luxe) subscription, at the end of the year I will be evaluating all of my subscription boxes to see what is worth keeping and what I might want to let go.  There are several boxes out there that I want to try, but getting them all would just bury me in products and cost far too much.  So any product I intend to pass on without using, is going to get a $0 value in my estimations as I try to figure out what subscription to keep, what to modify and what I just want to cancel.  To be honest, while I like the eyeshadow palette and will enjoy trying it out, the Kosas foundation is the star.  I wanted to try it and now I have it to try. 

Would this be a different conversation if the Clarins product was in the box?  Possibly. But I am willing to lay the fault of the Clarins with the Postal service rather than Boxycharm and enjoy the products that I do like from this box.  Hopefully next month will be a bit better.

Alyaka Beauty Advent Calendar Luxe 2020

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