Look Fantastic Beauty Box October 2020 Unboxing

The arrival of the beauty boxes continues.

The Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a $19 per month beauty subscription.  I have to say it is one of the boxes I am always eager to see and this month was no exception.  This month’s box, a sturdy cardboard I always end up reusing, was a beautiful blue tone. In my opinion the dark and light blue color contrast is just beautiful.  It is also one of my favorite colors. The prices listed in the pamphlet are actually listed in pounds rather than dollars as it is a British based subscription. To keep things honest I will list the prices in pounds and then do a conversion at the end of the post as a tally, that way if my conversion is wrong there is still the listed price with the product.

But as with most things, it is what is inside that counts.  So let’s see what is in this month’s box.

First up is the E Cooking overnight Foot Cream (Retail 8.10).  I love the brand e cooking.  They are vegan and dermatologically tested. Every product I pick up from them I have absolutely loved.  They are also one of those brands I need to remember more often.

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They are one of those quiet killer brands; excellent products that aren’t showy, but do fantastic things for your skin.  I am very happy to give the foot cream a try. 

The glass jar is lovely and I like the thought of having it on my night stand for a while.  The product smells a bit like Vicks vapor rub from the menthol included in the product. While I am not a fan, my baby doll loves the scent.  As it is on my feet and far from my nose, the scent is less of a concern than in another product.  I put my feet through a lot of stress as my most consistent workouts involve walking.  I’ve tried a lot of foot creams and thus far the Soap and Glory Foot cream has retained its title and place in my night stand.  It will be interesting to see how this one stacks up. 

The second product in my Look Fantastic box this month was actually last month’s spoiler.  Each month the pamphlet teases you with one of the items that is going to be in the upcoming month’s box.  The By Terry Baume De Rose Flaconnette (retail 14) was the September spoiler.  It is essentially a clear lip gloss.  I’ve tried it before and it is a really good lip gloss.  The problem is that the rose scent is so overpowering that I just can’t take it.  As it is a lip product, it is right under the nose so there is no avoiding the scent. It is strong and it lingers.  So I won’t be opening it and I will be passing it along to my mother who absolutely adores this lip gloss and it’s scent.

I will however get much use out of the Glov Hair wrap (retail 14.99).  It is as the name suggests, a hair wrap.  It is soft and sturdy and big enough to actually cover all of my hair. 

I really like hair wraps, especially when the material is good.  I’ve tried many cheaper hair wraps and end up preferring my towel.  This may give my towel a run for it’s money.  I am very much looking forward to using it.

Speaking of the bath there was a Bubble T Earl Gray Bath Tea (retail 5.99) in my subscription box this month. I am always willing to try new bath products.  While I love the Kniepp products I use, there are limited scents that I will buy from them (although those scents I buy routinely) and it is nice to try something new.  I’ve heard of Bubble T but never tried their products so this should be fun.  Hopefully it won’t be as bergamot forward as actual Earl Gray tea. 

This month there was one variable item and that was with the eye masks.  There were two types you could receive, one was from Starskin and the other from Beauty Pro.  I received the Starskin (retail 4.25) one and I am really looking forward to trying it out. 

I’ve used a Starskin sheet mask before but never the eye masks.  I am really starting to love eye masks.  I started really using them when my eyes were getting puffy from the rag weed and found many of them worked well at relieving the puffiness. So it’s nice to have a new one to try out.

Finally there was a deluxe mini size of the Balance Me Bakuchiol Serum (retail 11). Bakuchiol is apparently a plant based retinol alternative. I’ve just started looking into retinols so it will be interesting to see how this works. 

I tried a Balance Me Vitamin C serum recently (which I think also came in a Look Fantastic Box).  It worked well, but smelled like lemon pledge (at least to me) which I couldn’t get past.  (I know, my nose causes so much trouble.) I’m holding off opening this serum until I actually use it so it doesn’t go bad, but hopefully it will work as well as their Vitamin C without any troubling scent.

Okay so that was my $19 Look Fantastic box for October.  I have to say I am very happy with it.  There was one product I won’t use.  It makes me very sad because the product is nice but the scent just kills me.  So the end value in pounds is 58.33 which according to my currency converter (okay the internet’s currency converter) is $76.11 which is a pretty good value.  As I did with boxycharm I am going to have to take off the 14 pounds from the price as I will be passing along the By Terry lip Gloss without using it, so that would bring my personal total down to 44.33 or $57.84 in US dollars. As everything that remains will be well used, I am rather pleased with what I received in the box.  Its a rather nice return on my $19 box. And to be fair I know my mother will giggle with glee when she gets the By Terry lip gloss so I can’t really be too sad about not using it. Its just that rose scent. It is a strong one.

I am a big fan of this beauty subscription.  I also like the Look Fantastic website and often do a lot of my shopping there.  They have weekly deals going on and is one of the reasons I started keeping a list of products I like. Currently they are doing their Exclusive! 22% off Sitewide Sale (use code PREMIER). Today is the last day of that sale. There are also two other sales that are for today only: the 3 For 2 on Christophe Robin and the 3 For 2 on Grow Gorgeous. No codes are needed for either of those but the sale ends at 5:59 pm EST. And until Halloween they have mystery boxes on sale. There are three: a $20 (worth $100), $30 (worth $200) and $40 (worth $300). If mystery boxes are your thing they are worth looking into for you this month.

Look Fantastic also has an advent calendar this year, which sadly has already sold out.  I was planning on talking about them in an advent calendar post that will becoming on October 19th, but alas it is too late.  However all is not lost.  They currently have the Holiday Beauty Chest still available.  Since the Advent Calendar already sold out, I wanted to make sure I mentioned it in case it sells out before the 19th as well.  Next year I think I’m going to have to do my advent calendar post in September just to make sure all the information is out before things start selling out.  I just have a hard time turning my thoughts to the holidays before the summer heat breaks.  This year it held on longer than usual so I am a little behind. But the Beauty Chest is definitely worth looking into as an Advent Calendar alternative for those interested.

As a final mention the sneak peek for the November box was posted on the back of the pamphlet and next month’s box will feature a Naobay Detox Oxygen Light Cream worth 16 pounds. I’ve never heard of them before, but I am always up to try a new moisturizer. For now, I am going to enjoy October’s box.

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