Something a little different…

Normally this would be where the Friday Face Mask post would go. I am afraid however that today, I must skip it. Early voting has opened up in my area and I figure the earlier I get that done the better. So I am off to my local library to stand in line.

It’s like taking a casual stroll with socially distanced strangers through a parking lot. But it must be done and I’m hoping that since I am going early enough, the lines won’t be too crazy.

I hope that whatever your political viewpoints are, if you can vote, I hope you do. As my grandfather always said, If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. and we all know I am not abdicating my right to complain.

So instead of destressing with a mask I am about to go vote. Which is kind of the reverse of destressing. But again, necessary. I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, I brushed my teeth to remove the last vestiges of my coffee breath, popped in a breath mint for extra good breath and fastened my face mask into place. I am ready. Bring on the voting lines. It is time to uphold my civic responsibility. My moment of Friday afternoon zen will have to wait.

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