The Daily: October 27th, 2020

Coming in a little late today, but finally here. it is one of those days that has just kept me hopping. I managed a short walk early this morning and it was a very good thing as the phone rang off the hook and it seemed I needed to talk to at least half of the people I know.

None of the phone calls were in my plan for the day, and I hadn’t intended on leaving the house either, but I did both. I also ended up picking up a chicken salad sandwich for lunch somewhere. The chicken salad was good and I’m sure not that bad calorically speaking, but it was served on a croissant, or at least something pretending to be a croissant. It was butter laden, or at least greasy enough to seem so.

I would have been fine if it was a good croissant. I would have just marked down the calories and made up for it later. But it wasn’t. It was soggy flabby and greasy. I still marked down the calories and will try to balance it, but if I’m going to have to work off the calories, I’d rather have been delighted with the food. Its like the same thing I learned at the beginning of my diet with cheese. I may be able to calorically eat a lot of low fat skim milk cheese as compared to the slim sliver of triple cream brie, but I’d rather have the slim sliver than the block.

At least the chicken salad was good.

And tomorrow will be a back to normal day. At least I hope so.

But now I must start dinner and leave you for the evening. I hope you have a good one tonight. We are watching Ready or Not as our next Halloween marathon movie. Should be a fun night.

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