The Daily: October 28th, 2020

Rain, rain and more rain. It seems that is the day despite the weather forcast saying we had only a 20% chance of afternoon showers. It seems the humidity finally toppled and took the weather predictions down along with it. Considering the air has been thick enough to take a bite out of, the rain is actually a bit of a relief.

It didn’t make getting up easy this morning. I don’t like getting up when it is still dark outside. It makes me feel as though I mistimed something and I feel slightly off all day. as a consequence I got a slow start to my day and due to walking trail flooding, wa housebound for the day. I also discovered my wii fit step/board thingie had dead batteries.

I also discovered that it takes a boatload of batteries and that we have no double A batteries in the house. So I did a half hearted yoga workout and decided to mostly skip the exercise for the day. I just wasn’t feeling it today. Tomorrow I will get back into the groove. Today I have a slight headache from the weather shifting and I want to wear my fluffy cookie monster pajama pants and drink loads of hot tea.

It’s just that sort of day.

Tomorrow I will return to my workouts. Mostly because I’ll feel too guilty to skip two days in a row. But today, fuzzy pj pants and tea while i work at the computer. I’ll watch my calories, but that is about it for me.

I know not the most exciting work out post, in fact not a workout post at all. But somedays, you need to just stop and take a breather. Today is that day for me. so now me and my cookie monster pjs are going to put the kettle on.

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