Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

This week’s foundation came from Becca.  It is the Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation.  This is hardly the first Becca Foundation I’ve tried so if you are thinking it is familiar, you may be thinking of the Becca Foundation I reviewed in the spring.  My last one was the Ultimate Coverage 24 Hr. Foundation.  This is a different foundation and it was a very different experience. But first let’s look at what this particular foundation claims to do.

A water-infused liquid foundation that delivers buildable coverage while blurring imperfections.

Yes, that is the entire description. Pretty simple description, huh?

slightly lighter than I thought, but not too bad

This foundation retails for $44 and comes with a dropper dispenser rather than a pump or a wand.  Personally the pump is my preference but the dropper worked well.  As per usual I put the product on the back of my hand.  Dabbed little dots on my face and used my 999 Master Blender perfecting brush.  I know I talk a lot about it, but I really do love that brush.  I think part of it is really that it has a short handle I can easily grasp for more control. But that is another story. It is a $16 brush and if you are interested the link will take you to it.

The foundation blended in well with my skin, despite the slightly lighter color.  It covered all of my red spots, my dark spots, my sun spots and scars. 

dotted application

It did not do so well on texture.  The areas where my pores are larger looked larger. I had no major bumps this week, but I’m not so sure it would be too friendly with them.  The issue is that it is very light weight and it is buildable. Those are both benefits and drawbacks with texture. It is also water based.  I’ve noticed that water based foundations just tend to mold themselves to the landscape of the face more. 

All that basically boils down to is that this is a foundation that needs a primer underneath.  With the primer underneath creating a smooth base, it was a really good foundation.  This foundation made my skin look fantastic this week. I was quite pleased.  Once on the face it felt like nothing.  It was as weightless as it claims.  It was a little on the light side for my current tone, but it is edging into the appropriate shade.  In a few weeks it will be a perfect match for me.  (It is the shade Porcelain in case you are wondering)

Bare skin on the left and just foundation on the right (please ignore the fuzzies on both sides as they are not foundation related. They are due to a mid week masking mishap and I didn’t realize I these were the foundation photos I kept for the week.

It is a medium coverage foundation.  At least the way I apply it.  I’m sure you could build it up to full coverage, but I don’t tend to go for full coverage that often.  To be honest, I think that is why I like this more than the Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 hour foundation. That one is something I would keep for when I need to be on stage at a conference or something and only full coverage will do.  For a full coverage foundation it is light weight, but you still know it is there. 

Start of the day

This one, the Aqua luminous perfecting foundation, simply felt like absolutely nothing while providing excellent coverage.  I like the fact that it is buildable for days where I have more blemishes to cover, but I also like that I can spread it out for a light-medium coverage. 

end of the day

This foundation will not be light coverage no matter how much you sheer it out.  It will be at best light medium.  Which again, suits me well.  While I normally prefer matte foundations, I have to say the luminous part of this foundation didn’t bother me. 

It is only luminous to have a soft glow and not a dewy look.  I think it’s what you’d call a soft focus.  It provided a little bit of depth to the skin and I was very happy with it. I needed to powder off the t-zone around noon, but just a quick pat and I was good.  There was no peeling or wearing away around the mouth or nose either.  It looked pretty much the same at the end of the day as it did at the start (with a little mid afternoon dust off with the compact). This is definitely a foundation I will be repurchasing.

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