Milk(ing) the Friday Face Mask

Today for my Friday afternoon Face Mask I went with the Milk Makeup Cannabis Hydrating Face mask. I have to say I was very excited to give this mask a try. I just love the concept of a stick face mask. I know they have been around a while from different companies but i have never tried any of them.

the plastic cap to keep

And in general I like Milk products.

New Hydrating Cannabis Face Mask: A solid clay mask stick instantly moisturizes, calms, and cleanses for a revitalized complexion.

So I twisted the cap off and took a look. You will notice that there is a little plastic cap over the actual product. If you use any Milk products, you have seen this before. If you haven’t and do pick up a Milk product, remember – Don’t throw that little plastic thing away.

Seriously, it keeps the product from drying out. I learned that the hard way with the Milk Matcha Toner a while back. Excellent product, but without that plastic cap it dried out fast.So keep it.

But you know, remove it before you try to use the product.

without the cap

So cap off, plastic inner cap taken out, I rolled the product up. And because it is me, the first thing I did was sniff it.

I know. Me and scent. In my defense, Cannabis themed products are very interesting in scent. Some maintain the kind of earthy hemp like scent and some products do their best to cover it up. To be completely honest, this mask smelled like Playdoh. Seriously, straight up playdoh.

No clue why.

However, I don’t mind the scent, and it dissipates pretty quickly (it’s not that strong to begin with) so I started to apply it. This mask was fun to apply. It is like drawing on your face with a fat crayon. As the product warms up a little, the application became smoother and I was able to cover myself in green. I had a little issue with getting it into the corners around my nose as it is a fat stick that just wanted to glide over the dips above my nostrils but I got there in the end.

easy to apply

And yes I did spend a moment or two impersonating the Incredible hulk before I left the bathroom.

It seemed the thing to do.

I followed it up with an ‘I’ll get you my pretty’ ala the wicked witch of the west too in case you were curious.

Then I lay down and zoned out for twenty minutes. Alice Cooper provided todays zen sound track in case you are interested. Something about No more Mr. Nice Guy suited the hulked out face mask look.

first applied

And when my twenty minutes was up I went to wash it off. I was very impressed with the washing off process. The mask was dry, I rubbed warm water on my face and the mask came right off. I had to rub a little of course, but I didn’t need to do a harsh scrub to get this off, which I appreciated. Then I patted my skin dry and I have to say I really liked the way my skin looked. it was clean and hydrated without looking overly shiny or greasy which can sometimes happen with moisturizing masks.

after 20 min

To be fair, I am not entirely certain what role the cannabis played in the mask. But that might just be because I haven’t done enough research into the ingredient. The mask felt like a thinned out clay mask. Which, it is a clay mask so it should feel like a clay mask. Personally I love clay masks, they are kind of my go to when looking at masks.I really liked the fact that this was very neat and tidy, easy to use both in application and removal and made my skin look really good. I will definately be reaching for this mask in the future and looking into more Milk masks as well. This was a definite win for me. I am hydrated and soothed and ready to move through the rest of my day.

clean and bright

And now I am going back to work. And yes I am still singing Alice Cooper in my head. Luckily, it is time for my main character to finally throw down with his nemesis so it is good to have in my brain as I start to write the battle scene. whatever works, huh?

Tonight we have the final movie in our pre Halloween movie fest. I don’t know what that is as my Babydoll has decided to surprise me. (we got an amazon package the other day and he took it off to open it in secret while giggling to himself so I’m guessing it is a new arrival). On Halloween after the possibility of trick or treaters is over for the night we are going to curl up in the dark and listen to terrifying radio dramas and drink spook themed cocktails. It should be a fun and spooky night even if it isn’t party central. I hope you have an excellent Halloween yourselves and I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning. happy Halloween!

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