The Daily: November 2nd, 2020

The Monday after the autumn time change is always a strange one for me. I wake up feeling rested because I feel as though I had an extra hour of sleep so I start off feeling good and actually somewhat awake as i start my day. Then as time passess I begin to feel off kilter, as though I am late for everything I planned to do and have to hurry to catch up.

Which makes me early for a few things in the morning.

And then i self correct, which ends up making me late for everything in the afternoon. It happens every year. Oddly enough in the spring i am just tired and grouchy for a week until my body adjusts. I also mutter about the government stealing an hour of my precious sleep for no good reason. Then my body adjusts and I’m fine.

In the fall though I just have a week of feeling like I am either too early or too late for whatever I am doing. In case you arewondering, this may affect the timing of some of my posts this week. They will still all be posted, but the times may vary a little from the norm.

It will all even back out next week.

But getting up earlier meant that I managed to get my twenty minute work out in before starting work this morning, which was nice. For the last few weeks I haven’t been getting it in. Especially in the morning. Getting up in the dark made me somewhat disinclined to wake up with the alarm so there wasn’t a lot of time in the mornings. I tried shoehorning it into the afternoons with varying degrees of success, but I do better if i can just do it in the morning before I have too much time to think about it.

I find it better if I trick myself into working out before I am fully awake and caffeinated enough to form arguments against it. I will say that is one thing that was easier when I was going to the gym. Because I was paying for the gym I felt obligated to go so that I wasn’t just wasting my money on a decorative gym membership tag for my keychain. It is much easier to skip the home workouts, and I do need to start adding them in on a more routine basis. The walking is fine, but I need both the walking and the strength training to balance my workouts.

And so I trick myself into doing the workouts before I am fully awake and then reward myself. My current reward is a bottle of the Hint water I have stashed in the laundry room. While I use my soda stream water throughout the day, I occasionally need the incentive of a flavored beverage. I happen to really like Hint. It is just enough flavor that I feel like I’m getting a treat. My all time favorite is the Blackberry, but I am starting to warm to the Watermelon flavor.

I’m hoping that I can use the time change to jump start my first of the morning yoga/strength work outs. Blended with trickery and bribery, my two favorite workout companions, I managed it today, here’s hoping I can keep it up.


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