The Daily: November 4th, 2020

Yesterday’s bike ride really did me in. The sun was shining, the air was cold as it whipped past me. The two balanced actually making me feel it was the perfect temperature. Well, except for my hands. They were half frozen by the time I got home. I also didn’t realize how large the connecting path has become.

This summer my walking trail and park received an extension. I took the extension with my bike. Apparently the extension connects my little walking trail to another park (which was quite delightful to find out) and then that park is connected to another park, which is in turn connected to a third park. At least according to the map I checked when I got back home. It’s part of a plan to have a walking/biking trail that pretty much lets you go from one end of the state to the other. I only explored up to the second park before coming home.

However by the time I did head home, my rear end was numb from the bike seat, my hands were frozen and the light was fading. It wasn’t evening, but it was edging into gloaming territory.

I love that word – gloaming. In my opinion it doesn’t get enough use.

The thing about bike riding, at least for me, as long as I am moseying along on my bike, I can mosey for a long time. I am not a racer. I am the bike riding equivalent of a Sunday Driver. Go ahead and speed past me, cause I only have the one speed. But I can keep that one speed up for a really long time.

My problem comes when I stop and actually get off the bike. Then I am stiff and sore. Yesterday I was more preoccupied with my numb rear end and my frozen hands to take too much notice of any soreness elsewhere. But boy did it make its presence felt this morning. I hobbled out of bed this morning, found out that it may be Friday before all the votes are counted and the election is finally over which sort of made me feel like the rest of the world was groaning along with me, and then hobbled to the coffee pot.

I’m good once I get going because after a few steps my body stays in motion despite internal protests. But like my bike riding once I stop, I feel it. Then I don’t want to get in motion again. I did drink significant less coffee today as once I was settled in my desk chair I didn’t want to get back up again for refills. Also when I did get up I tried to see how many other things I could do while I was up and moving around. As the front of my thighs seem to be the most sore, the restroom has been my least favorite place today. I can flop into my desk chair if I have to. it is padded and has a back to it. The commode, not padded and no back. My arms did a lot of lowering and lifting today. I’m calling that my upper body work out for the day. I’m also going to have to remember to wear a watch next time I take my bike out. It is far too easy for me to lose track of time.

But at least I can say I got in a good workout.

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