The Daily; November 5th, 2020

Today I managed a walk. My legs are still not happy with me for my extended bike ride and i did give my bike a nasty glare this morning, but after coffee and some moving around I felt better and less like glaring.

And I was able to go on a walk without hobbling.

So no permanent damage was done. I just need to remember to take a watch with me next time I go bike riding. It was less of a problem when the park was small and the ride rather finite. Now with all of the parks being connected it is easy to lose track of time and over do it.

Which clearly I did.

But again. no permanent damage.

And it was a nice, if short walk today. While we had a brief glorious flair up of autumn colors dancing in the trees a lot of the trees remained green. Today it is like all the trees freaked out and their leaves fell off. There are even green ones on the ground. It reminds me of those cartoons when some one is shocked and their hair ends up standing strigh t up and turning white. except that the leaves stood up in shock and fell out.

At least this is my interpretation and why I don’t teach botany or biology.

But it did mean that there were piles upon piles of crisp leaves to crunch through. Even though I kept my walk short today I felt good about the exercise I managed to get. Every little bit helps right? Well I suppose we’ll see if it does when i step on the scale in the morning.

But I feel good. Part of that I think is more because of the lessening of pain. That always makes me feel good. However I also feel good because I have been eating better this week. I switched my food over to winter mode so cold salads have been replaced by warm soups and roasted veg. I had roasted sweet potatoes last night and felt positively decadent when i sprinkled just a pinch of brown sugar on them to caramelize. It was a little less than a teaspoon for the entire thing and well within my calories but it still felt deliciously decadent. As well as flat out delicious. Tonight is spaghetti squash with a quick homemade sauce. It will feel like a heavy meal when eating but the calorie count is fairly low and it scores pretty high on the taste-o-meter so it is a definite win for me.

I don’t know how many of you eat spaghetti squash but for me, I found that if I poke some holes in it roast it whole at 350 for an hour and a half (depending on the size, the ones our store has had lately have been huge, just roast it until you can press the flat of your fork into the rind and it is done) early in the day (or the day before), then after it is cool, I slice it open and remove the innards with a fork, tossing the seeds away. Then when I am ready to eat I make the sauce in a large wok pan and toss in the spaghetti squash to let it simmer with the sauce and come up to temperature. It helps make the squash super tender and makes it take on the flavors of the sauce more. I use the wok pan because it is deeper than my other sauce pans so I make less of a mess.

Anyway that is me today. work out in, calories on pint and a delicious dinner on tap for the night. Not a bad Thursday night all in all.

SodaStream USA, inc

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