The Daily: November 10th, 2020

Have you ever done something out of habit and then thought, well that was a bad idea. Cause that is sort of me today. Remember yesterday when I reported a blister from my new walking shoes?

Yeah, I didn’t think about it when I went for my walk today. I got down the street and then the rubbing of the new shoes made me remember it, but I figured, I’m sure it will be fine. Yup, it ruptured when I was at the furthest point of my walk. Right where i turn around to head back home.

And so was rubbed completely raw by the time I got home.


So I limped home and will not be walking tomorrow. I am also buying bandages. I’m thinking of looking for maybe Scooby Doo themed ones. either way, no walking tomorrow.

Tonight is Bean Burgers for dinner. I love that somehow once I turn the beans into a patty and put it on a bun, my Babydoll stops thinking it is veg night. He knows it isn’t meat, but somehow the bun and patty make him think it isn’t a veg night. Its the veggie meal that flies under his radar. I think it is hios innate love of cheeseburgers.

Which lets me sneak in an extra veg night. While both of us do eat meat, I like to eat meat only once a week at the most. He doesn’t consider it a meal if there isn’t meat in it. And actually when we first got together he referred to chicken and fish as ‘meat substitutes’ and claimed they were his vegetarian nights. (and yes I know poultry and fish are separate categories and that meat generally refers to non-avian and non-aquatic creatures like pork, beef and lamb, but poultry and fish are still not vegetables.)

Oh, how far we have come. He may still only eat a limited number of vegetables, but he at least admits that chicken and fish aren’t vegetables. Although he still will occasionally refer to a fish meal as a meatless dinner.

So that’s progress.

Of a sort.

So I am off to hobble through the rest of my afternoon, more annoyed with myself than anything, but looking forward to dinner. I am also putting a post it note on my computer screen so that tomorrow I will remember not to go on a walk. I figure a day of resting my heels should do it. Then I can use a cotton ball held on with a bandage to protect the abraded skin and hopefully get back to walking. You know this happens with every new pair of walking shoes. You’d think I’d learn by now. One day I am going to find a pair of shoes that doesn’t do this the first time out. Clearly that time is not now, but someday soon. I will find those shoes.

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