The Daily: November 12th, 2020

Rainy and cold with a side of broken blister. That’s about my day. However I will say that I am really thankful that I picked up some home gym equipment. i know that sounds strange to say, but I had a lengthy call with my mother last night where she was listing all the things she is thankful for even though everyone couldn’t gather this year.

I think because Veteran’s day is generally when we all start planning the holiday gatherings (who is hosting vs. traveling, who is bringing what food item, who is no longer eating a certain food, either because they are trying a new diet or because a doctor has forbidden it , and so on) that it kind of hit home that there weren’t going to be the typical family gatherings this year.On the plus side I didn’t have to memorize a list of taboo topics.

Those are always interesting pit falls. There are the typical – Just don’t mention the divorce – kinds of warnings but every year there is always something that is just bonkers that gets mentioned. It’s one of those things you don’t really understand as bonkers until someone else points it out, because it is something that always happens. The first time my babydoll and I went to spend a holiday with my family he pointed this out to me.

Last year the bonkers one was – Don’t mention rabbits , I’ll explain later.

I never did get the explanation. I’m sure there is a story behind it, i just never learned what it was. Which is sort of what happens half the time. I’ll ask my Mom about that and she’ll laugh and say. ‘Oh it was just something that happened, best not to bring it up. You didn’t mention it did you?’

And then I swear I didn’t and ask again for an explanation. If no one interrupts, I get one. If someone stops the conversation i never do. I’d think she makes them up, but when pressed there is always an actual explanation. Pinning her down is hard though.

Anyway, no bonkers warnings this year.

Kind of sad about it actually.

But there was the laundry list of what she is thankful for. So the lingo stuck in my head. And on this cold and rainy day where my blistered foot shouldn’t be walking, I am glad for my ankle weights and kettle bells and yoga mats and yoga ball. I knew winter was coming and in the winter we get most of our rain so my walking trail gets flooded for weeks on end. And I am still not going back to the gym. So home gym building it was. I took advantage of the Prosourcefit sale that was on at the time and stocked up for everything I thought I’d need when the weather reached the point where walking became treacherous. New shoes made that day come earlier. Incidentally Prosourcefit is having a sale right now actually Take 15% off sitewide at ProsourceFit + 15% of profits will be donated to Veterans Yoga Project use code VetD15. The products are quality, the prices reasonable and the cause fantastic. So if you are looking to stock up. I’d check them out.

Sadly I have reached the point where I feel twitchy if I don’t do some form of exercise. So it was me in the sun room with the kettlebells today. Which I suppose is better than Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick. At least it got me moving. And tonight we have barbeque. I put country ribs into a crockpot with homemade sauce and let it simmer on low all day. I know it isn’t a substitute for real barbeque, but my baby doll was giving me the ‘we haven’t had a meat heavy meal in a while’ puppy dog eyes. So meat tastic meal tonight. Salad tomorrow. I also had a hearty (but low cal) veg soup for lunch so I am not starving. As good as the scent wafting through the house is I think I can maintain my portion control. Fingers crossed. Because oh my darlings, that crock pot smells really good.

yoga gear

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