A Cozy Nest: The Bed and Bath Round up

The holidays can be a stressful time and quite frankly there is nothing like having a nice sanctuary to retreat to when things get a little tense. For me the best way to relax is with a nice long soak in the tub. 

And yes I take my piratical rubber ducky into the tub with me.

His name is Herman.

Herman the Pirate duck.

And he may or may not have his own theme song.

I’ll never tell.

Okay, I probably will.

As I am very scent oriented, part of my bath time experience relates to scent.  My two current favorites in the scented Bath Salt department are the Bubble T Earl Gray Bath Tea that came in a Look Fantastic box a while ago and the Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt Dream away with Valerian and hops.

I know some of you are looking at the Bubble t and are thinking, Wait, I distinctly remember you saying you didn’t like Earl Gray Tea.  I don’t.  Me and Bergamot do not get along. Especially when it sneaks into a beverage. But this Bubble T does not smell of bergamot.  You want to know what it does smell like? 

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Southern sweet tea with lemon. 

I know weird right?

It felt a little strange to be soaking in a bath of it at first.  But then I settled back and let the salts work their magic.  The scent grew on me and I began to feel less like the slice of lemon floating in a glass of sweet tea.  Part of it was the fact that my skin became fabulously soft.  So  I decided I was quite happy with it and would definitely order it in a larger bag to keep around.

I also keep my Kniepps on hand.  The Dream away is perfect after a long and stressful day. The bath salts do turn the water an unnatural shade of blue which took a little while to get used to, but once I realized it didn’t stain the tub I was fine with the color. It was like being in an overly dyed swimming pool. 

You may have noticed my extra Kneipp packet.  That is the mineral bath salt Ancient sea salt.  It is designed for sensitive skin and has no color or scent added to it.  It has been a long term favorite as the scent of it doesn’t clash with any other body products I am using.  Mostly because it has no scent.  It still leaves my skin soft and soothed.  Because it is for sensitive skin I’ve also found that if I’ve picked up some skin irritation I can soak in this and it really souths the skin down.  There is something that grows in my yard that kept causing a slight rash on my skin anytime crushed stems hit my skin.  It was some sort of weed that I was pulling this year.  It isn’t any poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac as I checked those and it isn’t a major itcy rash just something that causes a minor irritation.  This Mineral bath salt really helped out.

There are two liquid body washes that I will always repurchase.  One is Molton Brown and the other is Pecksniffs.  The Molton Brown is currently the dregs of a Coastal Cypress trial size. It is a travel size that I have been using slowly.  I’ve been using up other products around it to make it last longer.  I Like the Coastal Cypress but I think that when I place my Molton Brown Order this year I will be going back to my Rose and Rhubarb. I have been eyeing the limited edition Muddled Plum as well for a more holiday scent so I suspect that one will be landing in my cart a well. It is the description that gets me…

A celebratory fragrance featuring rich notes of oak-aged rum, saffron and plum in an opulent bath and shower gel.

Top notes of orange, saffron and elemi. A heart of plum, davana and oak-aged rum. A base of sandalwood, benzoin and musk.

Seriously, how delicious does that sound? I can definitely picture that a being a scent to surround myself with during the holidays. Just because it is a quieter holiday season with no traveling doesn’t mean it can’t be festive. I just have to be festive at home, that’s all. And as I don’t have to worry about my Aunt’s sensitivity to scent this year as zoom calls don’t have smell-o-vision I can be as scent tastic as I want.Oh, I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me until now.

I think I might have found a small silver lining. No self scent policing this holiday. I know it is a thin silver lining, and I would happily sacrifice it, but I will take the lining I can get at the moment. And so we move on.

I am still contemplating the large holiday pack they sell at Molton Brown as well so that I can try out a bunch of scents and not just default to my favorite all of the time. It is a really tempting purchase with enough travel sized bottles to last a while and truely let me experiment with their scents.

Of course the Molton Brown Advent Calendar is also extremely tempting.  I always mean to try their other products like shampoo and body lotion but still end up sliding into shower gel each time. The advent calendar would be a good way to adjust my trial. It is one that I am going to make sure I have all of my holiday purchases complete and then will probably circle back to pick up if I can. I am a big fan of the brand, at least as far as body wash goes. The wash is great as it lathers well and rinses off clean. The scents are always nice, but not overpowering or overly perfumy and the scent fades into the background of your skin instead of dominating every other scent you put on. (with body lotion if nothing else)

The Pecksniff’s shower gel formula is another one I like.  We are currently using the Lavender and white tea which is slightly floral, but leans more towards tea so that when my baby doesn’t want to use his bar soap he can still use it without smelling like a flower shop. This is one of those things I generally pick up and have in the cabinet. It is something both my baby doll and I will use if each of our regular products runs low and it always looks nice for guests. This one was actually picked up in anticipation of easter company who did not get the chance to use it, so we are trying to use it up.

While I lean towards Molton Brown, My babydoll mostly uses the Cedar Citrus soap from Dr. Squatch.  He is a really big fan.  It is actually kind of funny because he claims he doesn’t need any ‘fancy man’ soaps but as soon as his bar of soap starts shrinking to a less than practical size he starts looking around and wondering where the new bar is. 

The fact that there are always some spare bars of Ivory soap in the closet makes no difference.  He now sighs heavily when his ‘fancy man’ soap is gone.  Not that Dr. Squatch is super fancy. It is cut into no nonsense blocks and wrapped in brown paper. Luckily, they have a simple reorder system.  Now that I know how long it takes him to get through a bar I just have delivery as an automatic subscription. The subscription gets you a 15% off and free shipping so it is a really good deal as well as being easy peasy. no leaving the house and no sad faced baby doll.

In case you are interested they also have starter bundles. The one we originally tried out was the three pack with the wooden soap saver. It is a very good deal and a good way to try the brand. It is how I got my baby doll to try them and pick a scent he liked. They also have others with more grooming supplies. I just like to easy my baby doll into change slowly. He generally only changes brands when what he uses becomes discontinued.

Before we leave the bath/shower, I have to give a shout out to Daily Concepts.  I received this little daily bath scrubber in a subscription box and at first I thought ‘Okay, I’ll give it a try’.  Now I love it.  It has a strap across the back to slide easily onto either hand with no issues.  It takes soap well and foams up like a sponge yet exfoliates your skin gently while you wash.  I have used it every day since I got it (Which is also why I did not take a close up photo of it.  I don’t mind sharing, but it isn’t an appealing sight. It is pictured in the larger photo above where you are kept at a decent distance). I will however be ordering a replacement as it is getting a bit worn.  In fact I will be ordering several as my babydoll seemed interested in my new ‘washcloth’.  So I will get an extra one and see how he likes it. Maybe it will join the ‘Fancy man’ soap in his list of acceptable non basic products.

Although, to me they seem quite basic.

But I am not a manly man from Montana.

For now we must leave Herman the Pirate duck to dry out by the side of the tub.

We recently replaced out towels with new ones from The Cozy Life. At first I didn’t think I was going to like them because I like really fluffy towels, but oh my, was I wrong.  I wrapped one around me as I got out of the tub and then I blinked and looked down.  It pulled every drop of excess water away so fast it felt like magic. And the towels look really good.  I could probably have done without the tassels, but otherwise they are fantastic.

towel close up

Once dry I break out the body lotion.  At the moment my top body lotion is the Cake Milk Made Totally to die for Indulgent body Milk cream.  I know it is quite a name.  It is also quite a body lotion.  I am a big fan and will be buying this again.  I have a few more body lotion products in my collection to work through and then I will be ordering the full sized tube.

Also on my upcoming order list is a new Sleep mask. Mine from Whisper Silk has seen a few too many nights of use. I’m thinking of getting one in the Mulberry silk instead of the black this time. As we are moving into the bedroom, I can tell you that there will be a few changes coming there.  A set of candles has been ordered  we went with three candles from the Paddywax Edgar Allen Poe Library collection.  I picked up one of the small ones in the tin as a trial during the summer and it passed my Babydoll’s sniff test. Incidentally those tins last quite a while. I used them for a large chunk of the spring and summer as my face mask candle. It is a mix of sweet and spicy with some earthy back notes.  Or as my baby describes it “not Stinky”. You can find it in either their library collection or the Spice scented section (or just click the link).

But from my baby, ‘not stinky’ is high praise indeed.  I ordered three of them for the bedroom as I liked the smoked glass and label as well as the scent.  There were fancier candles available that I liked, but these suited the room.

While I will be getting a replacement eye mask from Whisper silk when I went to order a new silk pillow case from Lilly Silk I noticed they had a pillow case and sleep mask as a combo for buy one get one 40% off.  They have a huge sale going on right now actually, up to 80% off some items.  And so I ordered the set.  I figured I could give their masks a try and get my pillowcase.  Plus if I like the sleep mask I can have two to trade out and thus make them last longer. While I would love to get a set of silk sheets because I love sleeping on them, alas my baby hates them.  For him it is linen or nothing.  So we ordered a new set of linen sheets because we decided on a holiday refresh since we weren’t going anywhere for the holidays and this felt like something nice that we could do for ourselves.  I will be using a new silk pillowcase.  He has agreed to have an extra pillow clad in a matching case as long as I let him sleep on his linen one. I know it sounds a little extra, but I have noticed my hair gets less wild and static-y with the silk pillowcase. I would settle for the sleep mask but if I can get a combo deal, I’m going to the pillowcase/eye mask combo.

Funny, these are the sorts of negotiations no one explains will be part of your life when you grow up and get married.

Still at our house we are restocking the bathroom favorites and refreshing the bed and bath for the holidays.  Our new towels are already in place, Our sheets will arrive in the next week or so with the candles, pillow cases and sleep masks not far behind.   I think because we have been spending so much time in the house, the typical holiday refresh, which usually involves holiday scented candles and not much else because we are driving all over the country for the holidays, just didn’t cut it. We’ve been replacing worn out items and generally sprucing up our interior. Next on the list for replaceable items are the hand towels.  They have seen a lot of use in the past few months and are really showing it.  I have yet to look into replacing them, mostly because my baby doll wore a hole in his favorite towel and I noticed the sheets we use the most were wearing thin in spots and so I took care of them first.  Now, bed fluffed and newly adorned, I will seek out hand towels. With me luck.

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