Is it Magic with the LA Splash Eyeshadow Palette?

I can’t lie, when I saw this in the November Glossy Box, I was very excited. (incidentally, you can still get your first Glossybox for $16 with the code WELCOME16). First of all, it is a full sized palette which always makes me happy. Second, the colors are kind of my go to staples. I seriously looked at this and thought ‘Wow they actually made a palette just for me’. Also I really don’t have a good go to black shadow. I have several that are okay, but not one where i constantly reach for it. and I would really like a good black shadow in my eyeshadow arsenal. So is this to be the one?

We shall see.

top row swatches l to r: Selenite, Sunstone, Aragonite, Tigers eye

Normally I would cover the mattes first and the shimmers second, but because there are only three shimmers I will talk about them first. Plus, they are the better eyeshadows so it is nice to start off on a positive note.

bottom row swatches L to R: Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amber, Onyx

There are three shimmers and all are in the second row. They are Rose Quartz, Citrine and Amber. I personally think it is a really good combination of shimmers. It lets you move from a a light pink tone to a deeper golden hue very easily. I was also very pleased with the way the shimmers applied. They applied well with a dry brush (as well as with fingers) and they stayed in place for about six hours. After that they tended to fade to nothing. But they lasted a while. Other than the fact that they are not extremely long lasting I had no issues with the shimmer shadows.

Note the powdery fall out

It is the mattes that caused a bit of an issue. First off, I love the selection of colors. Someone thought through this palette really well. it isn’t a massive number of shades but they complement each other really nicely. They blend well together, but they are really powdery. Really powdery. While Sunstroke is the most powdery of the lot, the fall out isn’t as noticeable because the color is so light. There was a lot of kick back and fall out but once on the lids it was fine. Aragonite had surprisingly less fall out. I expected more as it was a darker shade and that seems to be how it usually works, but there was not as much fall out from Aragonie as there was frm Sunstone. I was cautiously optimistic. Until I tried Tigers eye and got almost as much fall out as Sunstone. Aragonite was the clear winner of the shadows of the top row. Selenite was somewhere between Sunstone and Tigers eye with fall out but as I really only used it in the corner of my eye there was less issue with it.

And then we get to Onyx. I had such high hopes. It is darkly pigmented. It applies streaky and there is a lot of fall out. It was a very hard shade to work with. without an eyelid primer it was streaky. If the eyelid primer was sticky and designed to grip (like my Pretty Vulgar Lid Primer which I used and love) then the black is a bit patchy at first but you can apply more and get it to stay. This is the only way to avoid fall out, by the way. Otherwise it will apply and then just sort of drift down into racoon eyes after an hour or so.

Using a concealer instead of a regular primer only helps if you let the concealer dry and then apply the Onyx over it. It is still a bit streaky but it applies more smoothly. the concealer simply won’t hold it in place. I tried every way I knew how to use this black shade and nothing worked for me. Perhaps there is some trick that I don’t know or maybe i have weird eyelids but i could not get this to work for me. It was either streaky or smoothly applied but only temporarily on my lids. either way, this is not the black shade for me.

Which is sad. With the good shimmers and powdery but workable mattes, I would have really liked it if Onyx worked out for me. But it didn’t. And now we come to hard truth time. This palette retails for $32. If this were a lower priced palette, I might have given it a pass. But I have several drug store palettes that perform better than this. Seriously It may be prettier, but I would choose my Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Palette over this anyday. And I think the Wet ‘n Wild palette I have has most of these colors in it. And the Wet ‘n Wild one was only $5.99 (And yes, that is $5.99 before the holiday sales). For $32 I expect more than just a pretty package and powdery shades. While I like the thought that went into this palette, my excitement turned to disappointment. If asked to repurchase this palette, I would have to pass. It does remind me that I need to use my Wet’n Wild palette more though. I really enjoyed using that one.

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