The Daily: November 19th, 2020

Today has been, dare i say it, quiet.

I know, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I’ve managed to work at my desk with almost no interruptions. It is raining buckets outside so there was no walking, but lunch was a nice cup of bone Broth and some cheese, crackers and grapes. Personally snacky type meals are how I would prefer to eat. When I lived alone that is how I ate most of the time.

Since tonight we are clearing out leftovers, it was the perfect sort of lunch for me.

Since this week has been so wild I feel like i am tip toeing around some strange beast that I dare not wake. But it has been an over all quiet and productive day.

Woo Hoo!

I kind of needed it to be honest. I may not have gotten my walk in, but I am plowing through all of the work that got put off to deal with life. It’s kind of nice, i may actually hit Friday on an even playing field.

And yes that thought made me door a desk chair happy dance.

I’m hoping that my calorie counting has made up for the lack of walking this week. I’m also hoping I can rinse this perfume sample off. I tried a perfume that can at best be described as rich old lady.

When sprayed it smells very expensive. It also smells like a ninty year old wearing a full length fur coat walking her decrepit toy poodle in the park while the chauffeur hangs back and hopes that this is not the day Madame will decided to keel over while taking Shotsy for their afternoon constitutional.

I know not the typical perfume review. But that is my initial reaction to the scent. And to be honest my initial reaction to perfumes always conjures up images and a story to put them in. Actually anything scented does. It’s just the way my brain works. I do this with face cleanser too. I just figure out scent notes and actual non-crazy sounding descriptions for perfumes before I write them up.

I’ve washed my arms repeatedly but I think it got on my shirt so I might just have to go change clothes.

Before I go I just wanted to mention that Sparitual has a sale starting. It is 35% off sitewide + 2 free minis with every purchase. The sale runs through November 23rd and there is no code needed. Personally, I love their nail polishes. They are about $9 regularly. I actually just finished a bottle of Mauve Shimmer from their gold 2 step and ordered another bottle and the clear topcoat. I also am ordering their dry body brush. I was talking to my cousin the other day and she swears by dry brushing so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m always up for a new bath time add on and these brushes look really good. Plus full price is only $18. With the discount it’s not a bad deal for a try and see if I like it item.

I’ll be posting a bunch of sales tomorrow a we all get ready for the massive shopping week, but I figured you might want to get a jump on this one. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for the weekly Weigh in. For now, I really have to get rid of this scent. See you then.

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