Allure Beauty Box November 2020 unboxing

Recently the Allure Beauty box got a make over.  The spectacular $15 per month box became $23.  As it was a pretty reliably good box at $15 I along with many others were very excited.  The October box was the first box at the new price and it was somewhat disappointing.  The main reason being that the only thing that really changed about the box was the price.  It stayed the same, but just cost more. At a higher price, the spectacular box, became less spectacular.

I decided I was just going to cancel.  When I went to cancel Allure offered me two months at the original price (of $15 instead of $23) to see if they could entice me to stay.  I figured why not. Essentially that is a long winded way of saying that even though this was a $23 box, I only paied $15 for it.  I will also get the December box for $15 and then decide after three months of the new box if it is worth keeping at the new $23 price. So this is the second month of the newly priced box and month two of my three month trial. 

So let’s see how they did this month.

The first item in my November Allure Beauty Box was the Dermelect Self-esteem Beauty Serum. It is full size and retails for $42.  I have tried this serum before and it is very much worth it’s price tag.  This is one of those serums that is suggested for face and neck, but I really just used it on my neck.  I have many other serums for my face, this one, really helped tighten the skin on my neck and I really loved using it. I actually had it on my list of things to pick up during the holiday sales, so I am very happy to have a bottle sent to me in my box. Incidentally if you are looking at sales, they have a 20% with any $50 order with code BFE20, 25% off any $100 order with the code BFE25, and (you guessed it), 35 % off with any $150 order using code BFE35.

The next item I pulled from the box was the Josephine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle liquid eyeshadow in the shade Leona. (retail $30).  I believe this is the second of the three full sized items in the box.  It is a nice bronzy shade on the skin when I tested it out and it seems like it would apply well.  I’ve seen the brand when poking around on the Petit Vour website, but I have never tried it. Which is fine, I like trying out new to me brands. If I like this I will look more into the brand, especially since I know Petit Vour specializes in clean beauty. I think the packaging looks sleek and pretty.

I am not a huge fan of liquid shadows, but I will use them occasionally and I like the ones with square bottoms as they stand up easily which seems to keep them longer or at least not to spill in the drawer.  I have a few from different brands at this point.  The Stila ones I have I generally use to finish out a look generally for parties. But I have several others I’ve gotten in subscription boxes that I never reach for.  I may have to pull them all out and do a liquid eyeshadow test.  I think that all of them are on the metallic scale as this one is, which is why I just consider them toppers.  Nevertheless I will try it out.  Who knows, It may prove to be a favorite.

The third item out if the box was also a full sized item and it was the Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Moisturizing lip mask. Retail is listed at $22 however on the Mana Kadar Site it is listed as $19. That could also be because this is the week the Black Friday sales start.  I’ve tried Manna Kadar products before and some I liked others I didn’t (which is standard with most brands).  I haven’t actually tried their lip mask before, but I am always down to try a new lip mask. As I apply a lip mask everytime I put on a face mask, I tend to use them a lot so I am always happy to see a new one come my way. well if they work I am happy to see them. I’ll have to try this and see.

I am also always happy to see eye masks and there was an eye mask set in this months box as well.  It is the Skinmedica Instant Eye mask.  I have never tried anything from Skinmedica so there is nothing I can compare them to.  I’ve not actually heard of the brand actually.  But I am willing to give them a try. 

This summer I fell in love with eye masks as a way to refresh tired eyes and reduce puffiness quickly during allergy season so I am happy to test out as many brands as possible to find the best brands for me before next allergy season hits.  Thus far Grace and Stella’s energy drink for your eyes eye masks and the Erno Laszlo eye masks are in the lead of that particular race. I look forward to seeing where the Skinmedica Instant Bright Eye Mask places.

Next out of the box is a travel sized bottle of Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro essence.  I know the spoiler from the Look Fantastic November box featured a product from Neogen but other than that I hadn’t heard of the brand before.  And the November Look Fantastic box is still making it’s way through the postal system to me at the moment. I am interested to know what effects the rice and yeast ferments have on the skin.  I am just starting to incorporate essences into my skin care routine and look forward to giving this one a test. Like everyone else Neogen is having a sale right now, Free shipping with any $30 order plus a free gift when you spend $30. There is also a trial kit of some sort offered when you spend $50. I just ran across it when pulling the site up for this post and thought I’d pass it on. And while I’m at it Look Fantastic is having their pre Black Friday sale with up to 50% off a whole host of brands and products. At the moment they also have a limited edition Black Friday Beauty box for sale. It costs $45 and is worth over $195.

Baut to return to the Allure Beauty Box, the next item inside is one I have used before and absolutely love.  It is the Nature lab Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub.  It is a really good scalp scrub.  I tend to use dry shampoo a lot between washes (my favorite being from Klorane in case you were wondering) and I find that a once a week scalp scrub really helps remove all of the residue the dry shampoo can leave behind.  And it sounds silly, but a healthy scalp help creates healthy hair.  This is one of my favorite scalp masks at the moment.  As it also makes my hair super shiny and soft. So I am happy to see it. 

There is a sheet mask in this box and it is from When.  It is the Last Choice sheet mask. (Oddly enough this mask wasn’t on the When site so the link will just take you to their selection of sheet masks) Every Allure beauty box I’ve gotten has had a sheet mask so seeing one isn’t a surprise.  I think I have seen this brand before from them.  I can’t remember what I thought of the mask though, which usually isn’t a good sign.  Still I will give the mask a go and see how I like it. 

Finally there is a moisturizer sample in the box.  It is the Acure Ultra Hydrating 12 hour facial Moisturizer. I like that it comes in a pouch with a spout so it is clearly a step above a foil packet and a lot easier to use.  Especially, since there is enough in the pouch for multiple uses.  Acure and I don’t have the best of relationships. I had a very bad experience with their shampoo and conditioner and have not been impressed by some of their other products.  Perhaps this one will be different.  I will certainly try it and see, perhaps this will be a fantastic product. And trying things you might not pick up on your own is part of the fun of subscription boxes at least for me.

So that was my November Allure Beauty box.  Now there are some very good products in here.  The Dermelect Serum and Naturelab scalp scrub are both in my top tier of products listed for repurchase. And there are several items that I am looking forward to trying.  But in evaluating the box I need to look at it as a whole if I am to decide if I want to keep the box or not. 

The difficulty I am having is that this box is not really substantially different from what it was before the price increase.  I will say it is better than the October box. But it still feels like a really good $15 beauty box and not like a $23 beauty box. I can’t exactly pin point why I feel that way.  Maybe it is because it doesn’t feel like they upgraded the box when they increased the price.  I will say that while I like the mix of products, November’s box isn’t rally convincing me to continue my Allure Beauty Subscription. I will see what arrives in December before I make my final decision, but unless December shows that this is clearly a new and improved box, I don’t think this subscription will be going forward with me into 2021.

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