Testing out the Balance Me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum

Balance Me serum

I have to say when this Balance me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum appeared in my beauty box, I was somewhat confused. (I can’t remember if it was a Glossy Box or a Look Fantastic Box).  I never heard of Bakuchiol before.  I had no idea what it was supposed to do or what I should expect.  Then the ingredient kept popping up in various places and it seemed like it was not as rare an ingredient as I thought.

While it isn’t talked about as much, mostly because wrapping your tongue around those syllables takes some practice, bakuchiol is an alternative to retinol.  While retinols do a lot of good things for your skin (work on removing fine lines, smoothing and plumping skin) They can also make you sun sensitive.  Retinols are the skin care that only comes out at night.

Like Vampires.

Except they don’t drain you and in fact plump you up.

Like an… anti-vampire.

Okay, so the metaphor isn’t perfect. Neither is retinol as the sun sensitivity can last in some cases even if you only use it at night.  Bakuchiol is supposed to have all of the skin care benefits without the sun sensitivity.

So let’s look at this Balance Me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum specifically.  According to the product page…

Our natural plant-based retinol alternative without the side effect of sensitive and redness! Think radiance, improved texture, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our formula is enhanced with vital antioxidant, anti-pollution and anti-blue light protection.

Smooths, enhances collagen production, hydrates and provides vital antioxidant, anti-pollution and anti-blue light protection.

For all skin types, particularly dehydrated, dry, dull and pigmentation. Can be used when pregnant and breastfeeding.

All good things.  This is not the first Balance Me serum I have tried.  The last one was the Vitamin C serum.  While it worked well, it smelled exactly like the furniture polish, Lemon Pledge. I couldn’t get past the scent and so even though it worked well, I opted for another Vitamin C serum.

There was two weeks’ worth of product in my tube (it was not filled completely.)  I used it at night (while using other serums during the day).  While two week’s isn’t long enough to see a lot of results, my skin did drink up the serum and felt smoother to the touch.  It absorbed almost instantly leaving no greasy film behind. There was no fading of dark spots, and I have no way to test against pollution defense, but my skin felt very hydrated and the texture was definitely improved. I also experienced no sun sensitivity or any kind of issues really.  I think it I did continue using it I would probably see some pretty good results. It is quite frankly a very good serum.

However again I am stopped by the scent.  While its scent is not as strong as the Vitamin C serum, and doesn’t smell of Lemon Pledge Furniture polish (Incidentally this is nothing against Pledge.  They make a great furniture polish, I just don’t want to apply something that smells like it to my face.) It does however smell like some sort of industrial cleaner.  The notes are slightly more floral than citrusy but still the scent of it makes me think of newly cleaned bathrooms, not skin care.

The biggest problem is that even though the cream absorbs instantly, the scent lingers. And then it blends with everything else I apply, making everything smell like an industrial cleaner.

Again it isn’t a massively strong scent, and the product is actually really good on the skin. If you’ve had sun issues with retinol or are pregnant or breastfeeding and want to use a serum like this, I would say it is definitely one to look into. If you do not have issues with scent, then again, I would say this is a very good serum to try out.

It is a good serum. All of my skin likes it, my nose just vetoed it. I just don’t think I could get past the scent to use it every night. It is just that industrial cleaner scent. It is just too much for me.  I know that if I purchased a full sized tube, I would find reasons not to use it, just because of the scent.  (And yes there are some products I find excuses to use just because of the scent. It’s just the way I am built). So while the tube is now empty and journeying to my empties bin, I will not be repurchasing it.

If you are in the shopping mood, especially if you are into clean skincare, you might want to bounce on over to the Petit Vour site. They have a pretty large selection of Clean, vegan beauty items, ranging from skin care to makeup and their sale is 60% off with the code JOLLYSALE. I know you can find the B Kind Facial Scrub and the OSEA Cleanser on their site, both of which I highly recommend.

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