The Daily: November 23rd, 2020

I’ll admit it. This weekend I did my impersonation of a sloth. I slept in and sacked out on the couch for a movie fest. When I got tired of watching movies, I read. When I had to move around, I ended up moving slowly and as little as possible.

It was glorious.

I spent so much of last week running like a crazy person that just not doing much was exactly what I needed. It was a good reminder that sometimes a little down time is necessary. While I will be missing my family this week as we aren’t gathering in person, I am kind of relieved not to be traveling this week. November was a little crazy here with one thing and another and ending the month with a super stressful travel was not what either my baby doll or I needed.

And I know it would be stressful.

So instead I am cooking here so we can have all of our favorites for the holiday. And I have arranged a series of video calls stretching from late wednesday night to mid morning Friday. while I miss the hugs, the lack of stress and not spending seven hours in the car is a big bonus.

Tonight I am baking pie and pumpkin bread. My baby doll finally decided that he wanted to settle on pumpkin pie for Thursday but as he doesn’t get an entire pumpkin pie to himself I am also making pumpkin bread. Mostly because it is still sweet and holiday themed but can also be frozen so he doesn’t gorge the entire thing in one sitting. I’m always reminded at this time of year just how big a sweet tooth my babydoll has.

And while I am baking he is coming up with the holiday cocktail menu. I’m not entirely certain what he has planned but I do know that he was giggling when one of our orders came in. I think it might have been wine, but it very easily could have been whisky. I know he placed multiple orders, mostly for the holidays but also because our entire liquor cabinet was almost empty. We had an assortment of bitters, half a bottle of vermouth, homemade creme de menthe and about two shots worth of Jamesons. I can hear the gasps now. Clearly we needed a restock.

Plus, as pandemic numbers increase, I buy staples like dried rice and lentils, my babydoll buys alcohol. Well the hard liquor and wine anyway. He is brewing his own cream ale in the basement right now. And we hadn’t placed a large order since early March.

I do know that most of my family and his will end up toasting over video calls (hence the holiday cocktail menu) not just for thanksgiving, but Christmas and New Years. I think he and his father are competing to see who can come up with the best concoction. And my baby likes to plan ahead. Plus if the apocalypse does arrive we can have quite the blow out at our place. So tonight I start baking and my baby doll starts concocting. I’ll let you know what we end up going with. It should be fun. It’s also the reason I got a second walk in today.

TWE Generic Christmas 2020

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