Look Fantastic November 2020 Beauty Box

Finally, my Look Fantastic Beauty Box has arrived.  For a while I thought I somehow got dropped from the subscription list.  The box doesn’t charge until they are ready to ship it so I kept waiting to be charged.  But eventually things were straightened out.  I think the current lockdown had an effect on shipping times.  To be honest I would have been surprised if the current lockdown didn’t have an effect on shipping.

So what was in my Firecracker Edition Beauty Box from Look Fantastic this month?

The first item I received was the Philip Kingsley Pure Color Serum, which is a conditioning heat protectant.  Thus far, all of the heat protectants I’ve used have been sprays so it will be interesting to see what the cream does and how it performs. 

This was a variation item.  Those who didn’t get the Color serum Received the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner duo. I would have been okay with either.  Phillip Kingsley is a brand I have heard a lot about but haven’t tried much so I am looking forward to giving them a test.

My second item was the This Works In-Transit Close up .  It is listed as a mask, moisturizer and primer in one.  I’m always leery of products that promise too many things but this does seem like a combo that in theory could work.  In theory.  I’ll be reading up a little more on the product before putting it to the test. I’ve tried the This Work’s pillow spray and absolutely hated it. For a while i was getting it in sample form as well as in the full sized versions and I just couldn’t take the scent. Luckily my mother loved it and was happy to receive anysize that came my way. I just hope I have better luck with a non-pillow spray from the brand. Although it is nice to see they make other products.

This was also a variation in this month’s box with those who didn’t receive the Close up Cream receiving the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle. I’m perfectly okay with my variation as it is doubtful I will be wearing any skin bearing clothing until spring at this point. At the moment our morning rain is edged with ice and snow is predicted by the end of the day. Plus, I am really interested to try out the three in one product.

I am also interested in trying out the Polaar Ice Pure Micellar Water with Arctic Cotton which was in my box this month. From the description it sounds like a makeup remover that you use before your cleanser for a double cleanser.  I think.  The description is a little vague so I’ll look up more details on line before I open it.  I really enjoyed using the Polaar Sunscreen this summer and I still have a moisturizer from the brand in my skin care line up.  As I am almost through with my current moisturizer test, I may switch to the Polaar next just so I can try out the pair together. 

The fourth Item out of my box was the spoiler for last month and it was the Naobay Detox Oxygen Facial Cream. Until this month (or technically last month as it was a spoiler) I hadn’t heard of the brand.  But I did get something else from them in a subscription box this month.  I am always happy to have another moisturizer to try out and I do like that this is a really good sized tube with plenty of product inside. 

There is the possibility I may actually be able to get a full month long trial from this tube.  Which is kind of awesome.  While the smaller tubes let me know if the product reacts well with my skin and let me decide if I want to try a full size out, the larger samples actually give me a chance to possibly see the start of some results.  So I am very pleased with this.  I’ll have to see if it pairs well with the other Naobay product I received this month.

The next item was also a choice item you could get one of several full sized Longwear  lipsticks from 3INA or a nail polish from Nails Inc. I really do like Nails Inc polishes.  They last a long time and have great pigmentation.

And each time I try to go replace some of the nail polishes I got rid of in my last declutter (some were very much at the end of their useful lives), I get interrupted before I can place my order. It’s like the universe waits for me to get halfway through an order for nail polish order and then pounces with an emergency conference call or an unexpected twist to the day.

Barielle Free Shipping

I’ve seriously been on the Sparituals (they have 60% off Vegan nail polishes (making them only $4.80) and 50% off the Gold 2-step nail colors (currently only $9) I adore Mauve Shimmer -which is what i usually buy- although to be completely honest I am mostly looking at their dry body brush and the citrus cardamom foot cream – seriously how fantastic does that scent sound?), Barielle and Sally Beauty (they have a great selection of OPI polishes and some fun little emery boards) websites at least three times each in the last week and have yet to complete an order. Barielle was a hard as nails kit that is currently $15 (usually $30) and has everything you need to get your nails in shape. Or everything I need. Hopefully. I’m planning a cyber Monday attack this afternoon so wish me luck.

However, I am always happy to have lipstick appear at my house.  Especially as this box is so skin care heavy. Plus, this is a brand I wanted to try out the formula for and had yet to circle around to.  The color I received seems really red, but swatched out a lot more pink than I expected.  I will do my best to see if I can make it work. I think I have some darker shades that I could bend this with to come up with something more suitable for me.  I will have to play around with it.  But for now I am happy to test the formula. Formula first, experimenting later. I will say I really like the sleek packaging on this, it looks really pretty. hopefully the formula works as well as the packaging looks.

And finally we come to the last item in my November box.  I received a travel size of the Eyeko Skinny liner.  While I am thrilled to have a new one of these liners in my collection ( I have been currently using the Eyeko Fat liner. BTW Eyeko is having a 50% off sale for Cyber Monday. their eyeliners, both fat and skinny are fantastic. They don’t seep into fine lines and stay put all day.) I was a bit surprised as the pamphlet specified one of two Lord and Berry liners would be in the box.  While I do like Lord and Berry, with eyeliners Eyeko is my go-to brand, so I wasn’t upset with the switch.  I am guessing it was one of those end of the month substitutions. 

At the moment I am a lot more easy going with substitutions than usual.  Things happen, especially now, and at least they substituted something relatively equal (eyeliner for eyeliner). Plus, because my box was so late they added $4 worth of credit to my account to be used in the Look Fantastic store.  As I am always picking stuff up from them, it is the kind of store credit I know I will use.

So that was my November Look Fantastic Box.  Was it the most exciting box ever? No. It is quite frankly the least exciting box I’ve gotten from Look Fantastic.  Every other box I’ve had previously from them has been really good.  Don’t get me wrong, this box was good, it just wasn’t as exciting as previous boxes.  I will still use all of the products and enjoy playing around with them. And who knows maybe one of the products will wow me as I use it and I will feel more excitement.  But while good and solid, this wasn’t all that exciting.  I have my fingers crossed for December.  The sneak peek for December was the Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final touch.  I have to say I am a little excited to see Avant return to the box and have my fingers crossed that it heralds a fantastic December Look Fantastic Beauty box.  Until then I will be taking advantage of several of the Look Fantastic Cyber Monday sales.  They have a really big one going at the moment too. It is up to 75% off sitewide AND an extra 5% when you use the code EXTRA5 at checkout. How awesome is that? They have so many brands that listing them would turn this post into something massive. They have just a little bit of everything beauty related. I highly recommend checking it out, even if you are just browsing to see what some of the higher end products are going for during the sale. But if you are looking to stock up, Look Fantastic is a pretty good place to start this Cyber Monday. (Oh and the codes are site codes and have nothing to do with me so use them as you will.) Happy Cyber Monday shopping!

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