Petit Vour November 2020 Unboxing

Welcome to the Petit Vour Beauty box unboxing for November 2020. Petit Vour is an $18 subscription box featuring four to five items per month.  Some items are full sized, most are not and all are cruelty free. The Petit Vour box always gets shipped out by the 20th of the month which usually puts its arrival towards the end of the month. This month we sort of ran out of month due to the holidays, but the box did arrive on time, which was sort of a minor miracle this month.  So what was inside?

First up is the L’oeil Definite The Eye Define eyeliner from Josephine Cosmetics.(retail $26).

This month I also received a Josephine Cosmetics liquid eyeshadow in my Allure box and quite frankly until November, I never heard of the brand.  I am looking forward to trying both the liner and shadow out. I have to say the liner did swatch well and didn’t seep into fine lines which is very promising.

My second item was The Green Fairy Hand and lip balm (retail $18). Clearly it is an absinthe reference and there is some anise scent to the balm.  The scent does lean more towards peppermint than Anise though.  I tried it on my lips and hands and I really liked it. 

I also like the packaging.  However my baby doll is a huge fan of anise and licorice scented/flavored anything.  And getting him to remember to use a lip balm before his lips crack and bleed is always the winter trick. 

He liked the scent enough that he was willing to carry around the metal tin, despite the fairy on the cover so I have passed it into his care.  Hopefully he will use it.  If he does, it will be worth way more than the $18 price tag.

The third item is the Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream (retail $10) from Pacifica.  I really like Pacifica.  I like the fact that it is an affordable clean brand and I am a big fan of some of their products. 

Their Alight Foundation is fantastic.  I have enjoyed several of their skin care items as well and look forwards to testing this one out.  With luck it won’t be too coconutty for me.

The fourth item listed is the Lavido Mandarin Aromatic Body Lotion (retail $5). I tried a couple of Lavido products (one from Boxycharm and one from Ipsy) a while back and really enjoyed them both. 

My only concern is that this has bergamot as one of the scent notes.  While I love mandarin scented lotions and really think there ought to be more of them, I’m not such a fan of bergamot.I may have to open it and give it a sniff.  If the orange comes up trumps I will be happy.  If bergamot rules, it will be passed along.

Oddly enough even though there were only four items listed on the insert card, there was a fifth item in my box this month, it was the Juice Beauty Green Apple cleansing bar (soap). 

I’ve had the item before and it wasn’t my favorite. The green apple smelled nice until water hit it, then the scent faded to nothing.  (If I’m going to use a bar soap in the shower, I’m probably going to steal my Babydoll’s Cedar Citrus from Dr. Squatch.)

There was no note with the soap as to why it was included so I’m guessing it was just some sort of mistake. As I was looking up the value of the soap I did find that the cleansing bar has been discontinued so that too might have something to do with why it was tossed so unceremoniously in my beauty box this month. As I am making up several little kits for family with beauty and self care products, I’ll probably pop it into one of those.  Actually, those will be mailed out this week so I can get them to their locations on time.

But my trips to the post office aside, this was a pretty good box this month.  I have my fingers crossed about the Body Lotion and the lip balm has been appropriated by my babydoll (which actually makes it extra fab) but I have high hopes for the eyeliner and the Pacifica moisturizer.

For my $18 I received $59 worth of listed products and an extra bar of soap. I suspect the bar of soap is because the box is usually listed as being worth over $60.  If I remember correctly the sample bar of soap was $3 in the month I received it as a listed item. Is it the most exciting box this month?  No.  I’ve had much more exciting items from Petit Vour in the past. I will however get some decent use out of the items.  Although to be honest it is the fact of my babydoll getting a lip balm he might actually use that saves this box. But November was a difficult month for a lot of subscription boxes.  Hopefully December will be more exciting.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

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