The Daily: December 2nd, 2020

Wow this day sort of got away from me. There was no walk today. There were many phone calls today, but no walk. As I also only got around to eating about half my lunch, I have at least kept well in my calories. which as tonight is potato pancakes made with the last of the left over mashed potatoes, I am not too fussed about. The pancakes will be good but they will not be low cal.

I know exactly how much butter, cream and sour cream went into them.

So missing lunch might have just kept me in my calorie zone. As I already figured out the calories for each pancake (more or less) I know exactly how many i can eat without going over. As long as I stickl to that, I should be fine with today’s calories.

I feel kind of twitchy for having missed my walk though.

Yup my body got used to exercise and now complains when it doesn’t get enough.


But other than the blitzkrieg of phone calls today, the world has been a pretty good one. Since the forced air of the central heating system is now kicked into gear there is that odd slightly burning smell coming from them. I now nothing is actually burning (I checked) and I used it as an excuse to move one of the holiday candles into the office and light it. we picked this one up at Target (mostly because I passed it, sniffed it and added it to the cart rather than because we were shopping for candles).

I love some of the holiday candle scents. The names are sometimes outrageous. This one is Cashmere and Cardamom. The spice I get. It makes sense. The Cashmere not so much. I mean it could be a play on the Kashmir region (except for the spelling) or it could be as in cosy like a cashmere sweater. quite frankly it smells like cardamom and orange peel. So it is delicious, just not how I would name it. And while not all that pungent a candle, it does take away the slightly brunt air smell of the newly turned on heat. So I’m pretty happy.

But now alas, it is back to my calls. I have three to return and then hopefully my day will be done and I can turn my attention to counting pancakes.

Tomorrow, I’m getting my walk in before the phone rings.

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