The Daily: December 3rd, 2020

You know how I planned for potato pancakes last night. And how I figured out the calories so I knew how many I could have? Yeah… my baby had a bad day so he came home with McDonalds instead.

I can’t lie, that chicken sandwich was pretty good.

It totally blew my calorie count out of the water though.

I can live with that. It was unavoidable because my baby wanted a cheeseburger and to not deal with an HVAC system that decided to act up. I couldn’t do anything about the HVAC but I could enjoy the chicken sandwish and let him have his cheeseburger.

And tonight we’ll be having the potato pancakes. Plus, I went on an extra long walk in the hopes it would help balance things out a bit. The potatoes are the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers so once they are cleared out a less calorie dense meal plan can be set up for the following week. Given how much rich food there has been lately, I kind of want a week of salads.

Don’t get me wrong, Friday night I indulge in my weekly cocktail or glass of wine (I’m actually working my way through the Savoy Cocktail Guide and have been thinking about posting my weekly cocktail on Fridays if anyone is interested.) and Saturday usually features a small cheese board, but during the week I have been very good about keeping fats and sugars low. With Thanksgiving left overs to use up, this was a much richer dietary week than usual.

I suspect the scale will not tell me good news in the morning. But step on it I must. At least next week I can make up for it. I just hope it isn’t too much to make up for.

Either way, today I stayed well within my calories, burned a few extra and will stay on track for the rest of the day. And then tomorrow, I will plan the following week’s menus. I know I can’t have salad every night without starting a riot, but next week is going to a very veggie-tastic week. I can feel it in my bones.

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