Travels with Eyeshadow: Visiting Tuscany via Nomad Cosmetics

The Tuscany eyeshadow palette from Nomad Cosmetics

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes is actually from Nomad Cosmetics.  It is the Berlin Underground palette. The color scheme speaks to me reminding me of my less professional self in days gone by.  I have a tendency to only play with that one on the weekends as it tends to lead my brain out of work mode though.  Because of the color story, I tend to be really bad at an unbiased evaluation of the palette.  I love it and am willing to work with it regardless.

This specific blindness is one of the reasons I was very thrilled to get this palette from Nomad cosmetics in an IPSY bag.  While I really like the colors of the Tuscany Palette and they are ones I would typically gravitate towards during the work week, the palette doesn’t have the same nostalgic type of hues.

So let’s have a look at it.  The Tuscany Palette from Nomad Cosmetics is a part of their Italian Collection and on its own retails for $27.  It has nine pans which means you are essentially paying $3 per pan. The pans are quite a good size. While I couldn’t find the exact weight of each pan, they are comparable in size to the single pan Colourpop shadows, for reference.

The shadows are described by Nomad as…

Velvety, soft & blendable eyeshadows formulated with extra-fine pigments. 9 warm, neutral shades inspired by living La Bella Vita in Tuscany, Italy. 5 mattes, 3 satins & 1 shimmer finish. Infused with organic Grape Seed Oil for vibrant & long-wearing color. Cruelty-free & vegan.

So let’s look at them shall we?

top row l to r: Fior Di Latte, aperitivo, and vino nobile

First the Mattes.  For reference the Mattes are: Fior Di Latte and Vino Nobile in the top row, Rinascimento in the second row, Cantucci and Tartufo in the third row.

shadow fall after tapping the brush off over the sink

All of the mattes are powdery.  There is no getting around that. I took a picture of the fallout from Vino Nobile as it is the most noticeable on camera, but all of the mattes have the same fall out during application.

However, once they are applied, they stay in place all day.  They fade slightly throughout the day, but not overly much.  They don’t disappear by dinner time. If you don’t do your eyes first and follow with your face products, then I would recommend using  powder or a guard.  You will have fall out no matter how much you tap the brush before you apply. 

For me, the pay off was worth it.  Cantucci is the perfect base color for me. It comes close to matching my skin color perfectly and provides an excellent base layer. Vino Nobile is highly pigmented and needs to be used with a bit of caution. 

Start light and build my darlings otherwise it will over power everything. Tartufo is a bit more of a cool toned brown than I really like as I tend to gravitate towards warmer colors, but it does work well within this palette.  Fior Di Latte is an excellent accent color for me while Rinascimento was a little too yellow for me.  It is a beautiful color and reminds me of so much of that golden Italian stonework, the sort that has been softened by age.  It is a beautiful tone, but on me it made me look jaundiced.

middle row swatches L to R: Rinascimento, a Bella Vita and Passeggiata

The satins were La Bella Vita and Passeggiata in the second row and Vin Santo in row three.  They had the same fall out problems as the mattes but they also had the same nice formula. As satins they had a little bit more shimmer and one thing that was different is that if used without a primer underneath, they tended to crease as the day wore on. 

La Bella Vita was my favorite of these three and on me it was an excellent low make-up stand alone color.  I could dust it over my lids and be done, easy peasy.  I just had to remember the primer underneath or it would crease.  It would still stay all day, but there would be creases. With the primer, it worked really well as a one and done. 

Vino Santo worked well like this as well and it was the warm brown shade I wanted Tartufo to be. Passeggiata was a darker warm tone that worked really well with the matte shade Vino Nobile to create a red/brown toned smoky eye. 

Bottom row swatches L to R: Cantucci, Vin Santo and Tartufo

There was one shimmer shade in the entire palette and that was Aperitivo in the center of the first row.  It is a lovely pink tone that complemented the colors really well This is over all a red/pink tinged palette.  They are the kind of shades that look good on people who can wear rosy tones for the most part as each shadow seems to have that base note.

Like the other shadows, the shimmer has fall out during application.  It is a consistent theme throughout the palette.  But also like the others, once in place, the shadow stays in place.

All of the shadows blend well together without becoming muddy.  While this works well for subtle, work related looks, there is some boldness to be found in the deeper colors.  It is an earthy toned boldness instead of a bright color bold, which to be honest, I prefer.  I really prefer deeper colors to the brighter rainbow hues. At least in my daily life.  Don’t get me wrong, in colors outside of eyeshadows I crave jewel tones, and occasionally I will get pulled in by a jewel toned palette, but the bright, rainbow palettes aren’t ones I naturally gravitate towards. This Tuscany Palette is something I do gravitate towards and really enjoyed using this week. 

The only real down fall is the fall out, but if you are aware that it will need to be dealt with then this palette has quite a few pros to balance it out. In the end, I would definitely repurchase this palette and look into other Nomad palettes as well.  $27 is a decent price for a nine pane palette with shadows this large. And I have to say testing it out makes me more inclined to pick up another Nomad palette. 

I’ve had my eye on the Orient Express Palette since it came out. (oaky i have really had my eye on the bronze and gold shades in this palette)  How could I not want a palette reminiscent of my second favorite Agatha Christie Book? (My top fave Agatha Christie Book will always be And Then There Were None or Ten Little Indians depending on which version you picked up. Highly recommend the read and actually Amazon has a really good film adaptation of it that was done in 2013 if you are looking for something to watch.  It’s a three part series but essentially the whole book.

So that my darlings is my take on the Nomad Tuscany Palette.  As well as a book and film adaptation recommendation that has absolutely nothing to do with the palette, but I do occasionally just get off track. I enjoyed using it and will continue to do so for quite some time to come.

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