Is Manna Kadar’s Lip Bliss Lip Mask Bliss for my lips?

I love lip masks.  Actually I love most lip products.  Which may account for why I love lip masks so much.  Many of my favorite lipsticks can leave dry and damaged lips in their wake.  I try to counterbalance this with lip balms (Huge fan of Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm). And Lip scrubs (currently liking the Milk Makeup lip Scrub), lip masks (all-time favorite the Agave+ overnight lip mask from Bite Beauty).

I tend to wear a lip mask to bed almost every night and I also try to remember to put them on when I am doing my face masks.  I know that does sound a bit excessive but at this time of year my lips naturally dry out and my love of liquid lipsticks doesn’t help matters.

So when I received the Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip mask in my November Allure Beauty Box I was happy to have another lip mask to try out.  I’ve tried quite a few Manna Kadar products before, often with mixed results.  I am quite fond of their blush formula but only mildly enthused by their lip products.  So I had my fingers crossed when trying this mask out. So what should I expect from the Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask?

It’s time to give your lips a little spa time. Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask contains emollients to give dry lips a little hydration, and vitamins to aid in the appearance of softer, smoother looking lips. Not only is Lip Bliss Lip Mask a soothing and hydrating balm, If you have dry cuticles, a little dab can help moisturize dry nail beds.

Key Benefits: Moisturizing formula, Antioxidants for ultimate soothing, Helps prevent chapped and flaky lips, Emollients for super hydration

A nice shine, but nothing sunk in to moisturize

Okay so now fully apprised of what the product is, I opened it.  The applicator is a nice wand which is quite nice.  Most other masks I tend to use my finger for applying.  It is really a nice change to have an actual applicator.

The scent is sweet and lightly fruity.  It isn’t overpowering but it is noticeable, especially as the lips are located right under the nose.  I found the scent quite pleasing. 

My first test of the lip mask was during the day.  I applied a coat and let it sit while I worked at my desk.  It applies like lip gloss, not only because of the applicator, but because of the formula.  It sat on my lips like a lip gloss.

Time passed, and still it sat. 

Several hours later I wiped the product off, thinking I might have applied too much and the excess was sitting on top of my lips.  There was no noticeable change to my lips. 

So I thought that maybe I hadn’t let it sit long enough.  Thus began the overnight test.  I applied the Manna Kadar Lip Bliss lip mask just before bed and let it st on my lips overnight.

And it sat on my lips overnight.  In the morning I wiped it off and my lips were the same.  The dry spots were the same as before.  So I tried this for a week, every night.

There was no change.  This product sits on the lips like a lip gloss.  I can see that sort of formula keeping the lips from becoming further chapped by putting a protective coating over them, but no more so than an ordinary lip gloss. And as per the suggestions, I tried it on my nails. I wouldn’t recommend it. The product sat on the skin there too and inot only did it not help my cuticles, but it got everywhere.

I will continue to use the Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask over the lip formulas I have that tend to be a little drying but I won’t be using it as a standalone lip mask and when it runs out, I won’t be repurchasing it.  For me this lip mask was a complete failure.


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