The Daily: December 8th, 2020

Well this morning I may have shot the alarm clock a dirty look, but i managed to get myself out of bed. It actually wasn’t that bad. My new container of Hum Sleep gummies came in so I took them last night (I’ve been out for about a week). As a consequence I managed to actually sleep fairly well last night.

In case you are wondering the gummies don’t actually knock you out like a sleeping pill they just help to sort of calm you down before sleep so that you actually can quiet your mind more easily and drift off. Because that is one of my problems. My brain doesn’t want to shut down enough to let me get to sleep. There is always something to keep it occupied. So for me, the gummies help. Plus any time I’ve tried regular sleeping pills I end up sleep walking.

But the point is that I got a decent night’s sleep so despite the dirty looks I got up on time AND because I not only laid out my clothes for my work out,but also lined up my you tube work out programs for the morning the night before, I was actually prepared.

That’s right my darlings, I conquered the morning!

At least this morning anyway.

This morning featured Chloe Ting and the Full Body No jumping Workout to burn Fat which was a little over sixteen minutes followed by the 10 Min Morning Routine to Burn Belly Fat | No Jumping also by Chloe Ting which ran a little over ten minutes. What can i say? It was a Chloe Ting morning.

I like her workouts actually, even though i complain about them. They are short enough that once I start them I feel foolish for stopping so I complete them. Plus I can also decide how many I actually want to do and what area I want to target. and I don’t need a lot of equipment. Key for at hime workouts.

I was sweating and limber by the time I was done and I’ll admit it, thinking mean things about perky people in general. I couldn’t say them as the workout took my concentration and breath. which means it was a good workout. Which made me feel both virtuous and oddly more grumpy. I put an extra tablespoon of creamer in my coffee because of it. And yes the 30 extra calories did make me feel better.

Lets face it, I am never going to be eager to exercise. I love walking, but the gym (and workouts) will always be a chore, not a delight.

Still I needed to do it and i did. I also got a long walk in because the weather cleared up around mid day.

And despite the extra tablespoon of creamer, I did stay within my calories. Tonight is cauliflower curry so as long as I measure my rice I will be fine.

I’ve also decided to start implementing my personal rewards program. I used to give myself a reward for every ten pounds lost, but then I stopped. I think my weight loss stalled so I didn’t get the rewards and then i forgot about my personal incentive plan. So I am reinstituting it so that it will help motivate me. My next reward will be at ten more pounds down. Since my last weigh in was 216.2 my ten pound mark will be 206. When I reach 206 I can order a perfume from Sobelia. It is a company that specializes in perfumes at a discount. The purchase of full perfumes of samples I’ve enjoyed keeps getting postponed so I figure this will let me go through the list and actually order one I really want and know I will wear as well as motivate me. So on with the scented motivation. I know it is bribery, but it works.

I’ve linked both the Sobelia site and the Hum Nutrition below. One got me out of bed this morning and one is motivating me to keep working out. So it seemed like a good tag team. At the moment both have discount deals going that you might want to check out.

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