The Daily: December 9th, 2020

Hello my darlings and welcome to the afternoon. For me it felt like time dragged slowly until it reached about ten am and then some how slalomed into the afternoon.I think it might be that I had several big things to do this morning and then after they were done I had a long list of smaller items to check off the list. Since the smaller items went quickly time felt like it sped up.

Perception is a wonderful thing, huh?

this morning my thighs were not having any workouts. I lined them up. I dressed the part and then in my warm up squats my thighs vetoed the activity. So I made coffee and got an earlier start to my day. As the weather was nice today I went on two longer walks to make up for the skipped work out. So calories were sill burned, just not in the way I planned.

Adaptation is the secret to many things in life, including a weight loss plan. So today I adapted. I also realized I have been playing way too many nature documentaries before bed. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep to a documentary featuring both the Strangler Fig and the Pitcher plant, both of which have adapted to their environments. It was on the Disney Channel and I think it was the Paradise islands series. In case you are wondering what i was watching. I find shows like that are a really good way to counteract whatever news show I saw earlier in the evening so that i don’t focus on the traumatizing events of the world just before going to sleep. I like keeping up on what is going on in the world, I just don’t like to do so before falling asleep.

i started with the ancient history documentary series because I find them fascinating and they tend to promote dreams of fantastic ancient cities and caravans as well as archaeological dig sites. those took me through June and then i switched to the Nature ones. Unfortunately I am beginning to run out of Nature Documentaries. I may be breaking out my boxed set of Gilligan’s Island soon.

But that is another story. In addition to the walk, I have been doing pretty good with my calories today. i kept them on the short side today though because while dinner may be a salad, we also picked up a lovely Stilton and a clothbound cheddar (I believe it is Grafton Village). My babydoll picked up a nice Riesling to try as well. I’ll be using moderation, but the extra walk didn’t hurt.

Hopefully tomorrow my thighs will have recovered enough for another round of workouts. Actually I’m certain they will. I just hadn’t done those sorts of exercises enough in the past few weeks for my body to get used to them. The muscles are stiff but there is no real pain. so I’ll work through the stiffness every other day until it lessens and then increase the workout. It will workout the muscles and not cause me any permanent damage. something everyone can live with.

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