The Daily: December 11th, 2020

You know, no matter how old I get, I always feel like a child getting presents whenever the postman leaves a package. Even if I know it is something I paid for. Maybe that’s one of the reasons i love subscription boxes so much. While the Christmas orders have all been drawn in, repackaged and mailed off to their final destinations, my Boxy Pop up order is in. Well half of my Boxy order is in. I ordered two items and for some reason they opted to send them separately.

This is actually the second half of the order. The Snow Mushroom Water Serum from Volition oddly enough came in two weeks ago. I stashed it away for the spring. While I want to use it year round that is when it will do my skin the most good so I put it out of my direct line of sight so I can try other products and keep that until spring.

Today’s package included a full size of the Akar Balancing Toner. I tried a sample size a while back and liked the toner. My only qualm about getting a full size was the six month expiration date. I didn’t know if I would be able to use up the full sized toner in six months. As it was an expensive (as well as good toner) I didn’t want to order it and then not be able to use it all. So since it was discounted during the Boxy sales I ordered it to test out. At the moment I am testing out a Murad toner, but the Akar is going right into the line up once I’m through.

package arrived!

I found the package on my doorstep on my return from my afternoon walk. I hit the ground running this morning. I set up my work out videos and then had to stop and help my baby with something before work. By the time that was settled, there was no time for the lovely Ms. Ting. And my day kept going until I escaped for my afternoon walk. Soon I’ll have to return the calls I missed while on my afternoon walk.

Well, it is better to be busy than bored I suppose. Lunch was a hastily slapped together ham and cheese sandwich. It wasn’t what I actually planned so I’ll have to sort of estimate calories later. It was just the quickest thing I could make this afternoon so that is what I had.It is baked potato night tonight an since my potato is going to be topped with left over steamed broccoli and a dusting of grated cheddar I should be fine. (And yes I measure the cheddar before dusting, It is way to fatty a cheese not to measure).

The day didn’t quite go as I planned, but overall it was still a pretty good day. I am very much looking forward to Friday and the weekend though. As crazy as the past two weeks have been, I think everything is more or less settled for me for a while. I’m sure there will be some last minute end of the year freak outs around the 28th, but as I am actually ahead of schedule on everything i am responsible for handling, any freakouts are things I will just have to help others work through, not something that can take me down. At least as far as I know. I’ll doublecheck to make sure, but it does mean that tomorrow at least might not be nearly as hectic. Personally I will appreciate the slow down.

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