The Daily: December 14th, 2020

Happy Monday my darlings. I hope you had a good weekend and are not being hit too hard by the start of the week. Surprisingly it has been quite calm today for me. I’m not going to poke it with a stick too much to see why people have calmed down, I am just going to enjoy it.

My one moment of craziness was in realizing that one gift had not been ordered. Luckily it was still available and for a little extra I could have it wrapped and sent directly on. It was actually a birthday gift. Surprisingly I have three family members born just after Christmas (the 28th, 29th and 30th) Somehow I missed the one on the 29th. But that is all remedied. and even if the package is delayed slightly, it should still make it by the birthday.

Of course it means I had a minor freak out and double checked my list at lunch time. I am pretty sure that was the only thing I missed. So things should be okay.

As for exercise, this morning I went with Chloe Ting again. Today it was the six and a half minute warm up routine (I was quite warm at the end of it) and the Intense Fat Burning Full Body Workout which is twenty one minutes. Over all it went well. I was out of breath and sweating at the end of it, but I felt like I accomplished something.  With luck it won’t hurt in the morning.

As it has been raining off and on, occasionally the rain mixing with ice, there was no walking today. So that will actually count as my workout for the day. The rest of the day has, alas, been spent at my desk. I can’t complain too much as I have gotten a lot done today. I feel a little antsy because of my lack of walk but otherwise everything has been good. Cold and drizzly, but good.

I hope your Monday is toddling along with no major issues as well.

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