Perfume Review: Vanilla Vibes by Juliette has a Gun

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette has a Gun perfume sample

Juliette has a Gun and I have not had the best relationship in the past. I had several samples from ScentBox and then I recently received this sample in an IPSY.  Whatever marketing person writes the descriptions for their perfumes ought to be congratulated.  They get me every time. 

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With the Juliette has a Gun Perfumes as soon as I read the description I think, Oh yes, that scent must be mine.

As I said, this has happened numerous times and each time has ended in heartbreak.  I’m pretty sure the culprit is patchouli.

There are some brands where patchouli is an ingredient and I have no issues with it.  Sometimes I even enjoy the addition.  Other times not.  Juliette has a Gun is one of those brands that when I see patchouli mentioned I need to walk away.  There may be an exception in their list of fragrances, but as of yet I haven’t found it.

What I have found is that I need to scan the ingredients list before reading their description.  Because again, they get me every time. Reading the ingredient list is now my only defense.

So when this perfume sample arrived I set it to the side, looked the perfume up on the site and found that there is no patchouli in the scent.  And so, assured I wasn’t being lured into a trap, I read the description offered by the brand

Enjoy the trip!

Close your eyes and get transported across the immensity of the desert. Suddenly, she appears, voluptuous. The Natural Vanilla reveals its aphrodisiac charms.
She sets her heart on the sea salt, mineral, crystalline. Under the influence, he can’t take his icy eyes off her.
The encounter is symbiotic, electric, like the decibels that resonate far away. You think it was all a dream?

Top notes: Fleur de sel (Sea Salt), Heart notes: Orchid Absolute, Natural Vanilla Absolute, Bottom notes: Tonka Bean, Bezoin Absolute, Sandalwood Absolute, Brown Musk

Olfactive family : Ambery Fresh

Now seriously, how am I to resist that?

So I didn’t even bother trying.  I spritzed and I sniffed.  Finding nothing objectionable, I applied it to my wrists. 

Do you know what it smells like?  It smells like a vanilla orchid. You know those little yellowy white blossoms.

I’m a big orchid fan.  If I could afford it I would build a room onto the house that would be called the orchid room.  I would become like a combination of those mad aristocrats who went searching the world for new orchids crossed with Nero Wolfe from the Rex Stout Novels. (Incidentally, fabulous novels by the way and Audiobooksnow has a sale going on where you can get them as audio books. The link will take you to the page – I highly recommend Fer-de-lance).

Even without a fortune vast enough to build an orchid house and ensure I am termed eccentric instead of loony I am hoping to add a vanilla orchid to my sunroom at some point. The scent is too fabulous not to.

So as you can see this scent is off to a good start with me.  In general my issue with vanilla scented perfumes is that they tend to be overpoweringly sweet.  This Vanilla Vibes, while still sweet and somewhat floral, has enough of a balance to it that it is not cloying.  I am pretty sure this can be attributed to both the sandalwood and the Brown musk that are listed in the mix.  They provide a spicy note to the blend that really does help make it a balanced scent.

I expected something sweet and little girl-esque to be honest.  A lot of vanilla scented perfumes tend to be ones you might get for a little girls first perfume (How little depends on both the girl and the scent, some of them smell as though they were taken from Strawberry Shortcake’s Friend). This smells like it could be worn by an adult woman.  It is a grown up vanilla which is surprisingly hard to find. At least it has been for me.

But how does this nice scented perfume perform?

When sprayed on the wrists it comes on strong, but after a few minutes it settles down. While it is able to be scented by those around you, it doesn’t travel far.  After about two or three foot distance, it becomes less noticeable.  Which means in an office space, even in cubicles, you would be fine. With the six foot safety distance currently recommended, you would be more than fine. 

As the day moves on, the scent pulls closer and closer to the skin and becomes more of a personal scent.  By the end of an eight hour work day, I could still smell the scent on my wrist  if I held the wrist to my nose, but otherwise it faded.

I actually like that factor in this scent.  While I like the scent of this perfume, it is very much a day time scent.  There is something bright and sunny about it that would make me choose a different scent for a night out. I would wear this to a garden party, but not for a dinner out.

Overall, I am very pleased that I was able to try out this perfume.  It is actually the first one I have tried from the brand that I have truly enjoyed and I have to say, I will be adding it to my list of perfumes to order a full sized bottle of in the future. 

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