The Daily: December 15th, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has been an interesting exercise day for me. I am still on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning workout schedule with walks whenever I can shoehorn them in so this morning, there were no videos.

While my thighs are growing accustomed to the efforts I require of them, there was general relief all around with the skipping of the videos this morning. I think my the new year, I will be ready to bump it up a bit, but until then I will settle with the regimen I have going. Admittedly as two of the upcoming Friday’s will be holidays, those workouts will get bumped to Saturday.

I’m not going to be waking up bright and early Christmas morning to work out and anyone expecting a workout on New Year’s day will be sorely disappointed.

But as today was just a walking day, I walked. Actually I walked a lot today. Snow and sleet are predicted tomorrow so I added a little extra to my walks today to make up for what will surely be an indoors day tomorrow. If it were just snow, I could see walking. It would be like a nice pre-christmas wonderland. The prediction of sleet means it is going to be ugly and icy.

While I can deal with ugly, me on ice is just tempting fate. And I’d rather not start the new year with an injury I gave myself. It’s sort of a personal preference.

So extra walking was done today. and if the sleet doesn’t materialize, I can always walk tomorrow. The extra today won’t hurt me.

So that was the exercise sorted and as I have managed to keep my calories balanced today I am doing fine. The big concern is the moment it the box the postman just left. It comes from my babydoll’s mother. She decided that since no one was going anywhere, she was going to ship goodies. Most of the items we unpack will no doubt be his favorite so I can easily hand them off. The problem is that she knows I love peanut butter fudge and always makes a big batch just for me.

It is in an airtight tin so it will keep a while. I just may have to figure out if fudge can freeze. I believe in a little holiday indulgence, I just don’t think that I need to consume several pounds of homemade peanut butter fudge. Don’t get me wrong, it is fabulous fudge. It is the kind of melt in your mouth fudge that is somehow lighter than air. I have no idea how she does it. the salty balances the rich and if you sit down with an open box intending to eat one, you will have gone through half the box without realizing it. So they have to be parcelled out one at a time, the tin never leaving the kitchen. even if weight isn’t a concern it can send you into sugar shock. Overindulgence brings its own retribution.

But she was happy to send it and I am delighted to have it. I just need to be careful with it. I think with the box arriving, the holidays have officially begun at our house.

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