The Daily: December 16th, 2020

Wow, today just flew by. I had a long list of things to gt done and so I just started working my way through them. Then suddenly i looked up and it was two in the afternoon. Somehow it still feels like it ought to be about ten am.

Productive but disorienting.

Sadly I can not say the same thing about my workout today. It started sleeting sometime in the night and has been alternating between rain and sleet all day long. It made this morning not quite feel like morning and I actually slept through my alarm.

So no morning workout for me. At least not yet. I have a few more things I have to get done today and then I am going to try to take a break before dinner and get in my 20ish minutes of workout. I’ll let you know if I am successful. At least I now have to tools to do a quick work out, even if I don’t go along with an actual video. By the way Prosource fit has a really good end of the year sale going on right now. Some of their Yoga mats are up to 60% off. I’ll post the link below for those interested.

Other than accidentally sleeping late things have been going pretty well. Lunch was a quick sandwich because it was the easiest thing to slap together but it was within my calories so that’s okay. Dinner is Garlic Noodles and as long as I remember my pasta portions I should be doing well. I actually dug out my big comfy sweater that i wear when at my desk and not wanting to turn the heat up. It was always large (it is an oversized cardigan) I have had it since before I started my weight lost journey though and where once it was just an oversized sweater it now looks like an odd sort of bathrobe. It made me feel like I was preparing for a sick day so I had to change it out for something else that isn’t so soft and squishy.

It is both a plus and a negative sign for weight loss. Most of my winter clothes are just a little too large at the moment but not large enough that I feel I have to replace them. It is going to be the winter of baggy for me. I’m hoping that I can get down one more size (I am actually in between sizes right now so I just want to get to an official size) over the winter and then having a spring/summer shopping extravaganza as most of the clothes that fit me this summer took a beating with the heat. then next winter I’ll replace the colder weather clothes.

I’m just going to be wearing things very baggy this winter. Luckily, there aren’t a whole lot of places I need to go. And with creative safety pins, I can still look presentable for zoom calls. Right now, Safety pins are my bestest friends. Especially where v-necks are concerned.

So that is my day thus far. I can’t complain as it has been a pretty good one. And now I am off to finish off my to do list and then hopefully sneak in the workout that I missed this morning. Wish me luck!

yoga gear

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