A Glowing Primer Review: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer

Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Face Primer

Typically, I am not one for brightening primers or foundations. The dewy look is not for me. I think it is years of having my grandmother tell me to powder off the shine stuck in my head. In general, I tend to go matte. However, sometimes a matte primer paired with a matte foundation can make the skin look flat and dull. So occasionally I will use a brightening primer. For me this is especially useful in the winter where I always feel like my skin looks a little dull.

And so this week it is cold and rainy, I am mostly in the house and feeling a little blah. As a consequence I have felt a little dull in the skin area and decided to reach for my Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer.

According to the product page…

Skincare + makeup come face to face. It’s lit.

Meet Banana Bright Face Primer, the vitamin C-powered illuminating makeup primer that delivers instant radiance while improving and extending makeup wear.

Inspired by the makeup artist must-have—“banana powder”—this subtly sunny makeup primer contains brightening pigments to bring radiance to the entire complexion. Whether it’s worn under makeup, mixed in with foundation, or even worn alone, Banana Bright Face Primer creates a dewy, healthy-looking glow.

But that’s not all. The look of fine lines and wrinkles—instantly softened. Skin’s appearance—smoothed. With its soft-focus effect, this vegan brightening primer formula creates a luminous canvas for an Ole Glow® that lasts and lasts. Instantly brightens, Improves and extends makeup wear, Blurs imperfections, Hydrates, Vegan

This week I had several low makeup days where I just used the primer and topped it with my trusty No. 7 powder, added a quick swipe of a single shadow, mascara and some lip oil and called it a day. In fact, the only lip product (other than the lip mask I am trying out overnight) that I used this week was my Yensa lip oil. This was not a glam makeup week.

Bare face on the left and just the primer on the right

I also used it under my elf foundation this week as well when I did a full face of makeup. Personally I liked using it both ways.

Just primer on the left and foundation over the primer on the right (no other makeup yet)

First of all, it smells like banana candy. Not real bananas, banana candy. Which I quite enjoyed. It has a slight tint to it which let it help dim redness and hide blemishes. It does have a slight glow to it (it is after all a brightening primer.

If you like the dewy look then you could wear this on a low makeup day without powder over it and be happy. The photos don’t show a lot of difference, but in person it is brighter but not greasy looking.

For me it needed the powder to tamp down it down just a little bit. I like the depth the product adds under matte products, but for me the dewy look just looks greasy. I know some people can pull it off, I can’t.

I’ve made my peace with that.

I love that this has vitamin C mixed in with it as my skin always reacts well to vitamin c. It was hydrating, without being greasy. It blurred my blemishes out and even helped obscure some of my fine lines. It also kept my foundation in place longer.

While I didn’t wear a lot of makeup this week, I did have one day where I got dressed to run errands and forgot I was wearing foundation (it is the sort of foundation you can forget you are wearing) so I ended up with the foundation on for about twelve hours instead of my normal eight.

The foundation was still in place. (all but the KVD shadow and Benefit mascara was gone as well, those two held in with the foundation, although I can’t claim any primer effectiveness there). It was longer than usual use for this e.l.f. acne fighting foundation and I was quite pleased.

I think in the summertime when my skin leans more towards the oily side, I wouldn’t care for the level of glow that it gives me, however in the winter time it works well with my dryer skin. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it has a soft focus, but whether worn with just powder or under foundation, I really liked using this primer this week.

It is on the line between skincare and makeup and given that I was wearing limited products this week, it really worked well for me. I am very happy to have it in my collection and to keep it in rotation. I think as the winter progresses I will be reaching for my Banana Bright Face Primer more often, while my mattifying primers may have to wait until spring.


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