A trio of single shades for the week

L to R: KVD Vegan Beauty in Lolita, IBY in Fire and Ice and Coloured Raine in Champagne Life

This week was not a big makeup week for me.  Most days eyeshadow was a quick one color swipe. I did however choose three of my single shadows to play with.  The first was the KVD Beauty Shadow in Lolita.  The second was the shade Champagne life from Coloured Raine and the third was IBY’s Fire and Ice.

Lolita is one that I reached for the most.  With it I could do a quick blush of pinkish on the lids or deepen it to something more dramatic.  It is a formula I have used before and it always makes me want to look at buying more KVD Beauty shadows.

The color is matte, highly pigmented and stays in place all day. It is one of my favorite stand alone shadows and one that I tend to grab when I travel. In the pan it kicks up a little bit of powder, but if you tap off the brush before applying it to your eyes then there is very little, if any, fall out. It is highly pigmented, so start light and then work your way towards a deeper shade. And remember to tap the brush. Of the three shades I used, this was the most long lasting. Any morning I put it on, it stayed with me for the rest of the day.

Swatches L to R: KVD, Coloured Raine, IBY (The shimmer in the IBY is not fall out from the Coloured raine it is the green shimmer of the shadow)

The Colored raine shadow is the shimmery white one and it was a good accent when I wanted to lighten and brighten my inner corners.  It is one of those shimmers that applies better with a wet brush than a dry brush.  A dry brush application was fine if you wanted subtle lightening, but for a more intense look, you need to wet the brush with setting spray. 

All three shadows on the one day I wore all three together: Lolita base (darkened towards the outer edge), IBY in the center and Coloured Raine on the inner corner

While it applies well, and has almost no fall out, if blending it, the shadow tends to fade away.  It also tends to fade throughout the day.  This is the only Colored Rain shadow I have tried  and to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite shimmer formula.  I would have to try a matte before I make any decisions about the brand, but it is a sort of mediocre shimmer.

The third shadow I used this week was the fire and Ice by IBY and to be honest it was the reason that I went with the single shadows this week in the first place.  I’ve tried IBY shadows before and really had good results with them. 

This shade looks kind of brown and blah in the pan unless you add a flash to the camera and then it turns out looking green (as in my photo). Truthfully, it doesn’t look like muh in the pan. Applied to the eyes, it glimmers like a beetles back with green iridescent shimmers when it catches the light. When it doesn’t there is a slightly greenish tinged shadow on your lid, then you shift and pow! as the light hits it. 

Over the Lolita, it added a nice sheen. I’m not sure this is the color it should be worn over to best effect. I didn’t like it alone on my lids, but I think if I find shadows that have a greenish base to them this shadow would look a lot better. Over the reddish tones it looked like not much until the light hit it just right. I think over something with green in it, the shadow would be in stealth mode, not seen until it popped in the light. Because let’s face it, without the light, it is not the prettiest of shades. It is worth working with though just for that hit of light.

Applying this with a brush though will only lead you to heartache.  This shadow applies best with a finger.  When I tried using a brush, the brush just didn’t want to let go.  All of the shadow stayed on the brush.  With a finger, it applied well.  There was zero fall out from it and it stayed in place all day long on eight hour days but faded significantly after eight hours.

I am so going to have to remember to use it more often as I really liked it.  The issue is that it is such a small single that it slips to the bottom of the single shadows container.  It is also an aerodynamic little container that slips out of hands quite frequently. I think I dropped it into the sink three times this week which is why it is slightly cracked along the edge. The crack is irrelevant though as I just circle my finger over the whole of it when I apply it so it gets pressed back together with each use instead of crumbling. This is not a shade that has any powdery anything to it. It is a powder but it has an oddly creamy texture to it.

It is a real shame that I forgot I had this shadow as I really enjoyed wearing it.  I may have to figure out a place to put it where I can reach for it often because I really want to play around with it and see which shadows it pairs best with. It is definitely a topper and not a stand alone shade so that will be fun as I experiment with colors.

While I went with just a few single shadows this week instead of a full palette, I really enjoyed playing around with the three I chose. The KVD Beauty remains a single shadow I will continue to add to a travel bag (when I next actually travel) and I will have fun playing around with the IPY Fire and Ice. The Coloured Raine proved nothing special, but in it’s own way, that is good to know as well.


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