The Daily: December 17th, 2020

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you have been far too good for far too long and you just want to do something randomly bad for you?

Maybe you haven’t, but that was me today. Unfortunately I looked around and there was really nothing bad that was on offer that i wanted to do. So I thought about it.

I realized that on several things I am actually ahead of schedule. I was so worried that I would run out of time before the holidays that I have been in Turbo Mode for the past few weeks. So I decided that my something bad would be that I would be not really very productive. I took care of a few things that absolutely had to get done, and then I decided to just set my to do list to the side.

We had a couple of bags to go to our local charity shop so I loaded them up and decided to drop them off. It turns out they were short staffed today so they had no one who could take them and their outdoor bin was overflowing. The intake person will be back in the morning so I decided to just leave them in the car and go back tomorrow for a drop off.

While I was there I went inside and came out with a $0.99 ring. It is a simple thing made of faceted beads but it made me happy to see it on my finger. It is quite sparkly when the light hits it. Admittedly today it is indoor lights only as the sun has not made an appearance.

Picking up the ring sort of made me realize how pared down everything has gotten in the last few months.My dressing up has mostly been zoom call related otherwise it is super casual. I stopped wearing most of my earring when I go out because they don’t work well with the mask and I haven’t touched my rings in a while.

I love both rings and earrings so I need to make a conscious effort to wear both of them more, even if it is only in front of my computer. So that was my realization today. i need to remember to wear things that make me happy even if I am not going anywhere.

Not a bad take away from a cheap $0.99 ring.

As for workouts, last night I made up for my late started morning and ran through a random list of exercises before dinner. Today my work outs were set to the side along with the rest of my to do list.

I think that one thing no one ever tells you when you start to try to lose a lot of weight is that it can get exhausting. Sometimes thinking about exercise and how to incorporate it into your day is just plain exhausting. It is not taking 60 days to lose an extra twenty pounds. It is couple of years to lose half of your body weight. And somedays, you just need a break from it. Today was my break. Yes I will still weigh in in the morning and yes I will do my morning workout tomorrow, but today, I needed to not worry about my weight for just a day.

So I didn’t.

Tomorrow I will pick up where I left off. But for today, I am going to do laundry and wear my sparkly ring.

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