The Friday Face Mask with GlamGlow

I’ll admit, when I first tried out this mask a few months ago, I wasn’t that enthused by it. It seemed okay, but not really something to get excited about. And we all know I get excited about masks.

Since I am trying to work my way through my open masks, using up open products (or passing them on) before I open new ones, I decided to give this Berry Glow Probiotic Recovery Mask from Glam Glow another try. While I did use this mask today, I also used it throughout the week. Twice more this week actually. I used the Berry Glow Monday, Wednesday and finally again today for face Mask Friday.

While I wasn’t impressed by it on my initial trail, this week, I really liked the mask. I think that what changed has been my skin. I think that now that my skin is starting to edge into winter dry, it really liked this mask.

Let’s get into the mask a little bit first.

A creamy, nutrient-dense soothing mask with antioxidant-rich berries and probiotic ferment that instantly boosts skin’s health, restores radiance and helps promote skin’s biome for strengthened skin.

It is a short list of claims.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea if my skin’s biome was strengthened. I also have no way to test it. Unless there is a home skin biome testing kit that I can pick up, I will have to take their word for it. What I can say is that I applied the mask, waited for fifteen minutes and then went to wash off the mask.

Or what remained of the mask.

Mask as first applied on the right, mask after fifteen minutes on the left

My skin drank in the mask like a parched man reaching an oasis.

It is not a terribly thick mask, just a heavy cream. It smells of artificial berry. Not a particular type of berry, but the manufactured scent that is filed under the name ‘berry scented’. There was no tingle or itching when applied. It is super light to wear and it doesn’t run or drip. It is also easy to wash off. There was no real scrubbing or rubbing involved, just a quick rinse with water.

When I washed my face and patted my skin dry with a towel, my skin was soft and plumped up (which reduced some of my fine lines). I’m pretty sure the jojoba oil is responsible for the softness. And since my skin drank in so much product, I would be surprised if it didn’t plump out.

before on Left and after mask on Right.

At the moment I am trying out a moisturizer that is, at best, okay, so I can see why my skin might have needed some extra moisturizing. The heat has been combatting a cold front so the air is dryer and that also means i needed more moisture. I think the combination of the two made it the perfect time for a probiotic mask. I’m still not a fan of the artificial berry scent to the mask, but clearly this is it’s time to shine.The berry scent make make the brain think summer, but for my skin, this is a winter use product.

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