The Daily: December 23rd, 2020

Oh my darlings, my babydoll is all a twitter. It seems snow is on the way. We very well might have a white Christmas here. My darling dearest is from Montana and has the firm belief that snow should be a possibility from October all the way through May.

We needless to say to not currently live in Montana and so he is disappointed that it is December and not a winter wonderland. last week I caught him gazing longingly at his snow boots. He loves the snow.

So I hope we get snow for his sake. If not on Christmas than sometime soon.

We’ll call it an extra present.

But for now it isn’t snowing, so I went on a walk. The sun is still sunny, but the temperatures have dropped and the wind picked up. It cuts through you like a knife. I’m pretty sure my cheeks got chapped within the first half mile of my walk. I stuck it out and did the full three miles. o I feel pretty proud of myself.

I’m also proud I remembered to grab my hat so I got home without feeling like my ears were about to fall off the side of my head.

I think I should get extra bonus points for that. Not that the bonus points add up to much, but I’ll knw they are there.

Over the next two days I doubt very much that I will actually get much exercise in. Well at least not much regular exercise. The goose is pretty heavy and toting it in the roasting pan is sort of weight lifting.

I’m not sure if peeling roasted chestnuts counts as finger exercises or some sort of finer torture but I’ll be doing that too. As I’m using the chestnuts for stuffing both in the goose and in a separate dish of stuffing as the aromatics take up most of the available space inside the goose, they will be roasted and peeled tomorrow while the goose has his moment in the spotlight Friday. Still between the meal prep and the mal cook, the exercise I get for the next two days will mostly be in the kitchen.

Hence the reason I’m so glad I got my walk in today.

Even though I knew I was taking off and it is a holiday, I still feel a slight twinge of guilt about doing so. i know there is no reason, and the twinge will pass. Or it will just fuel me when all is said and done and i make up for taking a couple of days off. The trick is to not over do it when I first get back to make up for the break. I tried that before. I managed a couple of days of really hard workouts, burnt myself out and lost about two weeks trying to get myself back into a normal groove again.

This year, i am going to remember not to do that.

You might hear that sentence repeatedly in the next few weeks as I need to remind myself. Sometime I can be quite stubborn about these things. But that is for later for now, I have a feast to plan out and prepare for. Strategy session tonight, prepwork tomorrow and cooking on friday. I just have to finish the last of my pre holiday paperwork and then the strategizing commences. Oh yes my darlings, there will be lists.

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