Trying out the Marcelle CC Cream Golden Glow with SPF 35

This week for my Foundation product I used the Marcelle CC Cream that came in my Birchbox.  I have used a few Marcelle products before and they have always worked really nicely for me. The two products I am most familiar with are their mascara and a moisturizer.  I remember using them both and really enjoying them.  The moisturizer was a sample and I remember thinking that I needed to try a full size.  Then of course, I didn’t write the name down so I completely forgot about it. And now I can’t remember what I liked about it.

Sometimes, my memory is a sieve.

Anyway, to the CC Cream!

According to the product page…

A true complexion illuminator with light-reflecting gold pigments, the CC Cream Golden Glow boosts radiance instantly and gives your skin a multitude of skin care benefits, all in one product!

Offers the same benefits as the BB Cream, with more long-term skin care benefits and nourishing ingredients.Provides a healthy-glow effect with a hint of illumination, Corrects and prevents the appearance of dark spots and imperfections, Offers complete coverage, Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, Favours and improves skin elasticity, + SPF 35 Broad Spectrum, Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Paraben-free, oil-free and tested under dermatological control.

Well now, doesn’t that just sound lovely?

So, well informed I added it to my makeup bag, prepared to use it as my foundation product this week. Which I did.

At first I will admit, I was a little leery of the color.  It looked as though it was going to be a little too dark for me. It says tinted cream on the tube but there is no shade color listed.  Not even a light, medium or dark, so I don’t know if they just have one color and that’s it.

So with nervous fingers I dabbed it on my skin and then used my foundation brush (999 Master Blender) to blend it in.  You know what?  The color was fantastic. It blended into my skin well without looking as dark as I feared.  It was a major relief. Especially since I had several video calls this week. On days when it is just me and the computer I am willing to bend on colors since no one will see me. This was not the week for that.

The CC Cream is thicker than I expected it to be and I really felt it when I applied it.  A lot of the weight sort of disappeared once it was applied, but I always felt like I was wearing something.  It is not super heavy, it is still something I would classify as lightweight, but it is not a product that feels like it disappears once it is on.  I never forgot that I was actually wearing makeup.  And yes, I have several foundations that do feel as though I am wearing nothing at all despite how they look on the skin.

The description claims full coverage and I am not entirely certain that is true.  It certainly felt as though it was more coverage than I am accustomed to wearing, but I don’t think it actually achieves a level of full coverage. I don’t object to full coverage, but on a daily basis, it isn’t really my thing. This was more coverage than I usually wear, but not quite at the full coverage level. If you are used to full coverage products, this might not qualify.

The product is called Golden Glow and yes there is a bit of a glow to the product.  It is golden in tone, which suits my skin tone, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the glow-y part.  You can judge for yourself in the photos, but it made me feel like I looked a little greasy. It doesn’t actually look greasy in the photo, I’ll grant you that, but in person it was very shiny. And very golden. I know some people are all about the glow.  I am just not one of them.  I did apply a little matte powder to the top of it and the glow faded and I looked less shiny. And felt less inclined to sing a theme song from a James Bond movie. I will admit to humming it off and on throughout the week though.

End result, it is a glow, it is golden and it is also a glow that can be tamped down with relative ease if you so desire. 

The CC Cream did correct any red spots and dark spots on my face really well.  It was lovely in that aspect and I was quite pleased in the morning when I applied it.  However, as the day wore on, I noticed it starting to sink into the lines around my eyes a bit more than I prefer.  At the moment I am not sleeping terribly well (chronic insomnia strikes again) so I have more bags under my eyes than usual, but after noon, the CC Cream tended to emphasize them.  My baby doll came into my office after the workday was done yesterday and his first comment was “wow you look tired.” Which is generally not how I like to be greeted. It didn’t help that when I passed a mirror and glanced into it, I thought I looked tired.

Other than the sinking into lines, the product performed well.  The glow that I was worried about peeked through about mid-day and I dusted it off with a pat of powder, but otherwise it was fine.  It is just the emphasizing of the under eye bags I couldn’t get past. 

The tube I have is a trial size from a Birchbox. The tube wasn’t al the way full when it arrived.  I’d say over all it was only about half full. Even though I am doing this post a little early in the week, I am getting pretty low on product.  I expect that by the end of the week the tube will be empty, or nearly so.  I will continue using it for the rest of the week and possibly playing around with application to see if I can eliminate the under eye emphasis, but I think that once this CC Cream runs out, I will not be adding it to my future purchases list.  I will still repurchase their mascara and I will see if I can hunt down the moisturizer, but no matter what the possible skin care benefits of this CC Golden Glow Cream, I will not be purchasing a full size.

Free Trial Size Kit with orders $75+

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