Peter Thomas Roth for the it’s not Friday Face Mask

I know it is not Friday, but that doesn’t stop me from using a face mask.  In fact, I use them throughout the week. The one I used this week was the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber gel mask.   My skin in general tends to do well with PTR products. Several have made it on my list to repurchase or purchase in a full size. I ended up picking up fewer items on my personal list than I planned this year as I went a little overboard in my role as Santa this year. When all was said and done, I was kind of shopped out.  There are still things I need to pick up and replace or pick up to try, but I needed a little break from retail for a bit.

With all of the shopping and all of the sales it felt a little insane this year. I think partially because most of my shopping I did at home on my computer instead of facing the crowds. So I did a deep dive into brand sites, bringing the sales home to me.  Because of several relatives I am also now being cyber stalked by companies that specialize in Bigfoot and alien themed items.

Which is kind of fun in it’s own way. I was actually amazed at how many of them there were.

But that is another matter. Right now it is time for a little masking moment.  I’ve actually been using this mask all week  in different ways, but I’ll get to that soon.  First, we look at the mask and it’s claims.

This ultra-gentle gel helps soothe, hydrate and detoxify the look of dry, irritated skin with botanical extracts of Cucumber, Papaya, Chamomile, Pineapple, Sugar Maple, Sugarcane, Orange, Lemon, Bilberry and Aloe Vera. Excellent for helping to calm and soothe the skin’s appearance after sun exposure, peels, waxing, facials and extractions.

Nice and simple, right?

As I went on many walks this week, there was much sun exposure.  Also while Monday and Tuesday were sunny, lovely days, yesterday and today the wind slapped my skin something fierce. While not as harsh as peels and waxing, my skin needs a little soothing TLC.

So to the mask, my darlings!

It is a gel mask and when dispensed it looks like green goo.  Actually it kind of reminds me of 1980s hair gel. I am fairly certain one of my cousins had a tube that was this shade of green and probably this consistency.

I was pleased that it didn’t look green on the face.  It actually just makes your skin look damp when you apply it.  So I apply it today, make faces at myself in the mirror as I wash my hands and then take myself off to the bedroom.

Mask ON!

Today’s candle is in the scent Vintage Suede by Everyday Luxe. I sort of ended up with it as a surprise present.  My babydoll came home after shopping, pulled it out of one of his bags, handed it to me and said “Here, this one doesn’t stink so I thought you’d like it.” And then he walked off.

Romantic, no?

I have no idea what store it came from as he visited several.  I suspect it was on an end cap or near where he waited while he stood in line to check out.  I think Everyday Luxe is a division of Colonial Candles but I can’t find anything that even looks like it on their website. Regardless, it was thoughtful and it doesn’t stink.  It actually smells very nice.  Slightly floral and slightly earthy. To be honest, to me it is one of those scents that gets my wires crossed so it smells a bit like light blue to me.  I know that doesn’t help anyone out, but sometimes my nose and brain have issues with scent and color.

So today, I relax with my candle lit, my i-pod playing in my ears (I went with vintage AC DC today as it felt appropriate) and the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel mask on my face for fifteen minutes.

When applied it feels a little sticky, like well, like you are rubbing a gel onto your face. It is quite cooling and soothing to the skin, however as it cools and soothes, there is the slight feeling as though there is an ant crawling on your face.  Not a lot, just the one.  The sensation dies down after a moment or two but it is a little tickly and strange.

Once the sensation died off, the mask was fine.  It actually was less sticky to the touch when the ant finished his march across my face.

At the end of ten minutes I rinsed it off and patted my skin dry.  I also blew out the candle and stopped the music. Alas they did not shake me all night long, just for fifteen minutes.

Mask OFF!

Right after I dried my face, the skin didn’t feel like much had happened.  About five minutes later when the skin was no longer damp, I did notice a change.  My skin was soft and the slit windburn I had was gone. That rough path was soothed and smoothed.  I was quite impressed.

As this mask came in my Macy’s Beauty box, I looked at the blurb about it in the pamphlet.  In the description most of the items came with a pro tip for using the product.  As I am an avid amateur, I was happy to have a pro tip. The one for this mask was to apply it at night, sleep with it on and then rinse off in the morning.  On one of my masking sessions earlier this week I did just that. 

I applied the mask, sat up and read in bed until the ants stopped marching and more importantly it was no longer sticky, and then went to bed.  In the morning I washed it off. To be honest I didn’t notice a difference between the 15 minute application and the overnight one.  All the overnight one does is let you not wash off the mask, so it saves you a face wash.  It doesn’t make the product work any better, at least not in my opinion. So as far as pro tips go, I’m happy to know the mask won’t cause my skin damage if left on over night, but I see no real benefits.

As this was a sample sized tube, the question remains, would I purchase a full sized jar of the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask.  I think I would, but I think it would be a mask I would tend to use more in the summer time.  I could very easily see myself using this after spending too long working in the garden or after going on too long a walk.  I really liked it for the slight wind damage, but I really thing this would be best used to sooth after sun damage. So while I will probably pick up a full size of this mask, I think I will put it on my Spring products purchase list so that it is available throughout the summertime. And with that my darlings, I leave you for the week.  I will be back on Monday, but I am taking Christmas off so there will be no Friday Posts.  I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas no matter where you are spending it. Even though a large chunk of mine will be spent on video calls, it will still be spent with family. Have a good holiday, my darlings and I will see you back here on Monday.


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