The Daily: December 28th, 2020

Well my darlings we have made it through Christmas and are now edging out of the year 2020.  We all know this is a year that will make it to the history books.  Personally I am more than willing to let it fade into history.

While we had a quiet a quiet Christmas involving video calls rather than travel, it was a very merry one.  And when all was said and done I turned to planning the new year. Oh  my darlings, I have so many new things planned.  I can hardly wait.

Oh and speaking of new things, a box from Influenster arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. I am always surprised when they send things to me.  They send a lot of ‘are you right for our next campaign’ e-mails to me but I am rarely chosen to participate. 

I think in the past three years I’ve participated maybe five times. Anyway this one was for a new Benefit Cosmetics product.  It is their new Pore Professional Setting Spray. This week I had geared up to use the setting spray that smells like paint just because I want to try and use it up.  So I was happy to say, ‘Oh no, I think I should really test out this new product, after all they did send it to me and I should give them a timely review’.

And yes I opened my eyes wide and tried to look innocent as I took the setting spray I wasn’t thrilled about using back to the dressing table and replace it with the new Benefit one. And yes it was just me and the products in the room, there were no other people around to watch the performance. 

So, there will be a review of the setting spray later in the week.

And since I am confessing explaining to my makeup bag why I was changing out products, I might as well confess to ordering a mystery box from Glossy Box earlier today.  Well, two actually.  They had two mystery boxes and two premium mystery boxes up for sale.  The Mystery boxes were $12 and the Premium boxes were $25 each but if you ordered one premium and one regular mystery box then it was only $30. So I went the $30 route and got the two boxes.  Of course, I used my Glossy Credit which accumulates after each review.  I know I was planning on saving it but I had some credit expiring so I decided to go for it anyway.

And let’s face it, I’ve bought stranger things on impulse.

And I had enough Glossy Credit to cover the purchase so it is really hard to feel guilty about it. There were no hints about what was inside or what differentiated the Premium from the regular, except price, so it is a true mystery.  At least for me.  This is part of their annual winter Sale.  I think Glossy Members get early access, which is where my e-mail came from, but I believe it is open to everyone so if you are looking to check out the quality of Glossy Box items this might be a good way to do so.  And of course when they come in, I will be reviewing them for you. So you can see them then.  I just don’t know how soon they will sell out, so I thought I’d tell you now in case you were interested. Special Glossy Boxes have a history of selling out quickly.

As for my diet, well, this weekend was filled with left over goose. We didn’t go too crazy on the sides so there was little left over from them.  But we had a lot of goose. I’d say we picked up a small one, but to be honest we managed to pick up the last one they had in the store.  Goose isn’t a terribly popular Christmas dinner here so the store nearest us only orders very few and they are snapped up quickly.  My baby doll and I ate as much as we could and then stuck the rest in the freezer for a later meal. Lunch was a goose sandwich.  I added pickled onions as it really needed something to cut through the fatty richness.  Tonight will be a salad dinner.  In fact there will be lots of salads until the Thursday night celebratory meal.  Since we are home and not going out I am making Beef Wellington.  I am using the Gordon Ramsey Recipe I found on line.

It’s not that I think his might be better than anyone elses, but the on-line version came with step by step instructions with pictures which looked super easy to follow. As I have never made Beef Wellington and Beef Tenderloin is not a cheap cut of meat, I am very happy to have the step by step with pictures.  I am a pretty confident cook, but my strong suits are baking and vegetable related. Because I love my garden I have gotten really good at creating meals from the things I grow and baking is just a long time passion. So a guide to meat cookery is appreciated.

As for fitness, well I actually managed to get a walk in today.  The snows have for the most part melted back and the park isn’t too flooded.  Temps rose and the wind is no longer attempting to slice and dice anyone walking around outside.  I think I was just thrilled to be able to step out of the house for an extended period rather than happy about burning calories.  It was cold and bitter over the weekend and leaving the hose just didn’t seem like a good idea.  By contrast this week is supposed to be in the 40s for most of the week.   I’m beginning to think the weather is having some sort of break down.

Can the weather have an emotional crisis?

Cause that would explain a lot.

But I will enjoy being out side for the week.

And hope it doesn’t spell immediate doom.

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