Minimalist Jewelist December Unboxing

I didn’t plan on unboxing this subscription this month. In fact, I didn’t think I’d get this subscription this month.

Let me explain…

Just before Christmas I ran a load of donations from our massive closet clear out to the local charity shop here in town.  Due to a staffing kerfuffle, they didn’t know if they had anyone around who could take donations in (as they were overstocked).  While I waited to find out if I could donate or if I needed to return at a later date, I ended up buying a $0.99 ring.  It was just a cheap ring made with shiny beads, but it did remind me that I really haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately. 

It made me really happy wear something sparkly.  It didn’t have to be expensive.

Early on, when personal face masks were just coming into vogue, I had a dangly earring get caught in  the mask straps and while no permanent damage was done, it was a painful experience. So I stopped wearing my earrings, even when I wasn’t going out, just incase I suddenly had to go out and I forgot them.  I also stopped wearing my rings and necklaces too.  I think the rings were because of hand sanitizer and my necklaces just happen to be next to the rings.

Since wearing them makes me happy, I decided to try to remind myself to wear things again when working at my desk. At the same time I was reminding myself to wear things I like, I was poking around on Crate Joy.  It is a fun and sometimes dangerous place.  And here I came across a monthly subscription box called Minimalist Jewelist.

It is, as one might expect, a jewelry subscription box.  For the price of $14 (with $3.99 S&H) you get three pieces of minimalist jewelry.   They also had a special going where you could get your first box for just $3.  I believe the sale is still going on as I write this.  You still have to pay shipping.  I figured for a grand total of $6.99 I could try it out, and if it worked out have something shiny to wear.  So I signed up.

In the sign up you can request, silver, gold, rose gold or a combination.  Considering that I was just trying it out, I decided to go with the combination.  I paid for my first box on the spot and was told that I would be billed monthly on the 11th of each month until I cancelled.  I thought that the first payment was for the January box and that the January 11th payment would be for the February payment.

But I was wrong.  I paid and they immediately shipped out my December box.  The January 11th is for my January box and it ships right after billing. Which makes sense now that I think about it.  But will I be getting a January box? Let’s see what came in December’s first.

So I was expecting three items.

the addy label is on the other side.

First off, the package comes in a small plastic mailer that easily fit in my mailbox. Upon opening, I found a box all wrapped up in a protective cover.  The box was a small blue box with some twine around the outside.  As it was my first box, there was a hand written card welcoming me to the subscription.  I found it sweet.  I would have also appreciated a card with information about my new jewelry, but there was none, just the box.

So I opened the box. 

The note cared that came with it. Is says thanks but nothing about the products.

There were three items in the box (the ring is in two pieces so it looks like four). The ring is two simple little bands that fit together.  One has five little ‘stones’ and the other has one. It is silver toned. I think they form a cute little ring that fits perfectly and while clearly not an expensive piece doesn’t really look or feel cheap. As most of my rings are large and bold, it is nice to have something that is quite delicate looking.

the ring (s)

The second item in the box was a necklace. It is gold toned and features a small medallion with the image of a wave carved across it.  The necklace chain has a nice decorative pattern.  To be honest I like the chain more than I like the medallion. 

The necklace

I will say that I do like wearing small necklaces like this as when I think through something I tend to grab the medallion and slide it up and down the chain as I think. 

And yes I have broken several necklace chains like that. I don’t recommend doing it, but it is a long standing habit of mine. With necklaces with smaller decorations I let them alone and just wear them.  With the small medallions I tend to play with them while I think things through. We will have to see how this one fares.

The earrings

The third item was a set of earrings.  They are gold like the necklace but feature five clear ‘stones’ like the rings.  They are very short dangles that don’t really drop much past the ear lobe.  Which, while I tend to like long swinging earrings, may be better for me.  They are short enough that they don’t get tangled in my face mask ear straps.

Which are kind of a consideration that has to be, well, considered right now.

Over all I am relatively pleased.  While clearly not expensive pieces, they don’t look or feel cheap.  The metals are all certified as nickel free and hypoallergenic so I can wear them without issue. While not items I would have automatically chosen for myself, I do like all three of them and will wear them.  To be honest, the necklace i will wear less than the other pieces. I will get far more use out of the earrings and ring.

While I like subscription boxes, it is really nice to have one that is not beauty product related. Well I suppose jewelry is sort of beauty product related.  But I mean something that I can wear repeatedly and keep, unlike a beauty product which gets used up.  Barring necklace snapping, these items will be with me for a while. It does make me want to look at other subscriptions with more lifestyle sorts of elements instead of just beauty products.  I’ve added an underwear subscription for the upcoming year and have actually started looking at lifestyle boxes. I’m just not sure which one to start with.

Perhaps I’ll add one like Curator or a Wine of the month club instead of just sticking to beauty boxes this year.  The Bold red wine club is having a holiday sign up sale.

Holiday Sale Get $10 off Bold Red Wines at use code SAVE10 for a 4 shipment order

Perhaps perhaps I’ll start off small with that, or even add a bralette subscription to my current Underclub subscription. Either way, I am thinking of expanding my universe and so that my mostly stay at home world seems a little bigger. Considering I am not traveling or doing much non-online shopping, this could be the right time for me to branch out.

For now I believe I will keep this Minimalist Jewelist subscription.  It may last a few months before I take a break, or it may be a continuous running subscription. I just don’t know.  For now though, it makes me happy. And that is really the whole point. We could all use a little bit of happy now and again.

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