The Daily: December 30th, 2020

Yeah.  Remember yesterday’s mud slick?  Well nothing was seriously damaged, but I am feeling it today.  Today I am moving slow and taking it kind of easy.  I’m also taking several ibuprophen. I think my shoulder got the worst of it.  By grabbing the tree I slowed my fall so while my rump has a bruise, it isn’t as sore.

Of course it does have plenty of padding. Which kind of helped.

So I am waiting until the world dries out a little more and the slick mud turns to dust before going on another walk.  I’m hoping that I can hobble today and be fine tomorrow. At least that is the plan. 

I had tomato soup for lunch with a slight dusting of parmesan on the top.  While Cheddar is traditional, parm has less fat because it is a drier cheese.  The parm gave me my decadent cheese, while not adding a heap of calories and the tomato was warm and filling. It was a satisfying and not terribly caloric lunch. 

Tonight we have tortillas and beans.  I’d call them homemade burritos, but we leave out a lot of stuff.  Mine will have beans a small dollop of sour cream about a teaspoon spread into a light coat over the black beans so everything has the feel of being covered in sour cream, a light dusting (I T) of cheddar , diced tomatoes, some cilantro, a dash of cumin and a whole heaping bunch of sliced and pickled jalapenos. 

It will be spicy, feel decadent and not be too heavy.  I find if I add rice not only does it up the calories but it is way too heavy for me to have at night.  I don’t sleep well with an overly full belly. Over all I am quite looking forward to it.  And then tomorrow we have the grand Beef Wellington Celebration meal complete with midnight champagne.

I will not be counting tomorrow’s calories.

I just don’t want to know.

And one day not knowing, won’t kill me. Especially after Christmas Goose-fest.

I am pretty proud of myself this week.  I am sore and avoiding exercise today, but I didn’t dissolve into a complete lump between Christmas and New Years, which has been known to happen. This year it didn’t, so regardless of scale, I consider it a victory.

Tomorrow I will be posting the Weekly Makeup Bag and a getting ready for New Year’s Post.  Friday I will be taking off, but I will be back again bright and early the following Monday. So for now I am going to hobble through the rest of my day and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

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