The Daily: January 6th, 2021

Well we have made it to mid-week my darlings and this morning I managed to get up in time for a short workout.  Which is nice because there is no way I will have time to walk today. Which makes me sad as the sun is shining and despite the colder temps it is attempting to draw me outside.  I’ve managed to ignore it for the bulk of the day and Sadly, I must continue to ignore it the rest of the day if I am to keep on schedule.

I love how my schedule looked so clear and open at the end of December.  I wrapped up projects and was even ahead of schedule.  Then the avalanche that is January hits and all bets are off. It happens every year so you’d think I would be expecting it, but somehow, I never seem to quite anticipate the deluge correctly. Every December I am convinced that I have managed to do enough to mitigate the January flood, but it never works out that way.

Hope does spring eternal though.

Or maybe this is classified as insanity.

Not sure.

I did do something nice for myself though.  I went on e-salon and ordered a custom hair color.  I know some of you have noticed the increasingly brighter silver spot on my head.  It isn’t a cool little strip but a weird little puff ball that looks like someone randomly flicked paint at me. While I dye my hair, in between dyes I normally pluck out the few grays that appear.  Then before I get ready to dye it again I let them grow so they can be dyed with the rest, hence the more prominent puff ball look I am currently sporting.

I actually looked at going to my salon but alas, my salon is no more.  Surprisingly it was sort of planned.  Last January their lease ran out and they were informed the rent was increasing.  The owner decided not to renew and in fact decided to retire.  I think some of the older stylists retired at that time as well while others went to other places and my stylist, who just got married, left the area with her new husband.


So I was already looking for a new stylist when the pandemic  and lockdown hit and therefore I have been on my own with my hair for the past year.

I have never appreciated stylists more.

I’ve tried various things and heard good things about e-salon so I decided to give them a try this time around.  I’ll keep you posted on the experience as I go through with the new dye. Thus far it has been quite a positive experience. And I think they are running a new account deal right now with a discount on their custom hair kits for new customers.  Something to keep in mind for those of you who are joining me in the home hair dying experience.

Lunch today was a ready to eat microwave soup from Yes, Well. Tomato Basil if you are interested.  The salt content is a little high, but the calorie count is pretty low.  And I could still eat it while working, which today was sort of a bonus.  Plus, it is pretty good soup, especially for a quick meal. And it does actually feel like a full meal which is nice. And it lets me keep inside my calories. Always a bonus.  I think Yes, Well is a division of Campbell’s soup.

So calories are on track even if my exercise today was slimmed down. Some days, you take what you can get.  As for me it is back to work.  Hopefully I can knock out enough today to make tomorrow a little calmer. Wish me luck.

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