The Underclub January Unboxing

I have several weaknesses. A good bottle of wine, a pungent cheese, chunky decorative rings, lots of skincare and most lip products are all on the list. But there is one weakness that has been with me for a long time and sadly it is one that I frequently set aside.

I adore pretty underwear.

Actually, I should expand that to include all lingerie if I am being completely honest.

I love lace and silk.  I love soft cotton and decorative stitching.  Solids and patterns. It is a weakness. And despite my increasing weight over the years, it is one that I frequently indulged in.  If I felt pretty in my undies I felt pretty all the way down, even if the only shirts I could find were made from that stretchy rayon/poly blend I personally refer to as Fat Girl Cloth.

You know the kind where the cloth is woven with threads of elastic so that it can fit multiple sizes, but if you push it too much you get patches (usually on the chest) where the material is showing slightly white from the elastic and is very, very shiny. So in photographs it looks almost like someone is aiming a spotlight at your chest.

I personally hate that cloth.

With a passion that is sometimes unseemly.

As my weight has started to go down any of those pieces in my wardrobe were jettisoned as soon as possible. There are a few lurking towards the back ‘just in case’ because for a long time they made up the bulk of my professional clothing and I might need a quick office outfit. So I kept one pair of pants (very shiny behind) and a couple of shirts for emergency office visitations. I have about ten more pounds to go when I’ll feel comfortable replacing them with others, but that is another story.

However losing that weight also meant adding a lot more sweat to my day.  Most of my pretty undergarments suffered in the beginning. Because the underwear drawer contained the only garments that made me feel pretty, I only had pretty underwear at that point. Some materials were not designed to hold up in the gym. In fact most of the materials were not meant for working out.

I also discovered the fact than when lace is soaked with sweat and pressed against the skin it rubs the skin raw in much the way sandpaper does. Not a pretty fact, but a fact nonetheless, and one of the reasons why my current workout underwear is generally cotton and comes from Hanes (they are currently having a 70% off clearance sale on holiday themed tee shirts anf sleepwear if you are interested, although the lik will take you to my favorite workout undies).  Those garments sit well, wear well and cause no issues.

Not my usual list of wants from my undies but necessary at the moment.

But I still love my pretty undergarments.  So I use them as a daily prize for completing my workouts.  I work out in Hanes cotton and then after my post workout shower, I get to put on something that is not gym appropriate. It is a small, every day sort of reward.

And it makes me happy.

You’d think that with my love of subscription boxes and underwear I would have signed up for an underwear subscription a long time ago.  The truth is, I’ve looked at them.

A lot, actually.

And usually with a tape measure in hand as I study the provided sizing chart.

While I have lost weight, I am still not a small woman. However, when I checked the sizing chart on Underclub, I found that they had a wider array of sizes.  They actually go up to 4X in their sizing.  Although I would double check the size chart with your measurements before picking a size. Mine is currently a 3X on their charts even though I’ve gotten the bulk of my clothing down to 1X.

When I checked my measurements against their chart, I found they had a size fitting me and I decided to give them a go.  The Underclub has different options.  They have two categories: regular and premium and within those categories you can choose to get either a one or two pair option.  The value of the garments in the regular category ranges from  $18 – $28 per pair.  A set of one pair is $15,the set of two is $28 per month.  With the Premium Category the garments are valued between $28 and $55 per pair.  The one set option in this tier is $21 and the set of two is $35.

I chose the regular tier and the one pair of undies option.  I figured one pair that wasn’t premium would let me assess the Underclub and if I wanted to change later I could always upgrade. And for now one set per month is plenty for me.

So first, the details.

For my tier of the Under club it is $15 per month.  I was very happy to see that there wasn’t an adjustment in the price due to my size.  I know I’m larger and my underwear takes more cloth to make, but I really hate when the cost goes up because of sizing. I can understand why some companies feel justified in doing it. I see the logic.  I still absolutely hate it.  It makes me feel bad and if buying your product makes me feel bad, I am going to stop buying your product.

However, here that wasn’t an issue. I was very pleased that Underclub does not do this.  It is the same price for everyone.

The subscription mails out the first of the month and charges on the eleventh of the month for the following month. So I paid for the subscription in December.  January 1st it mailed out. January 5th it arrived and I will be charged January 11th for February’s box.  Pretty simple really.

I have to say that I loved the various questions they asked as I was setting up my subscription.  I could choose styles, and let them know if I liked patterns or preferred solids.  I could tell them if I liked bold colors or pastels.  And at the end of the listed questions there was a space where I could add in any of my own personal concerns they didn’t touch on. I was very impressed with the simple survey. It is a little thing, but it is really important.

So what arrived? And is it worth getting a February box?

The underwear arrived in a simple mailer.  While it does say Underclub on the outside, it is a fairly generic packaging, which I like. Although my postman ins a very stone faced individual so any package I get could be covered in glitter and streamers and the only thing he’d check was if the postage was correct. Which I appreciate.

Inside the mailer is a little card that just tells you that in a few days an e-mail will be sent asking you to review your purchase so they can make the subscription better for you. As this is my first month, I don’t know how much that applies. I can however see that it would be really handy to get feedback as underwear is quite personal and everyone likes different things.

I’ll have to see how that plays out in the following months.

In addition to the card, the underwear is in the bag.  It is in its own separate cellophane bag.  I personally like that. I know the mailer is sealed but making it have its own bag within a bag makes me feel happy.  While I still wash them before wearing them, I just like them as sealed as possible. Call it a personal quirk.

So to the underwear!

This month’s pair is black with decorative patterns on the sides.  It is simple and quite pretty. The back is see through but it is soft instead of a scratchy net that you sometimes get on cheaper panties. The company listed on the tag is MOD by Parfait.

But pretty isn’t everything and I can hear my grandmother’s voice in my head as I start to look them over.

detail from sides

There are no pulled threads or missed stitches.  A slight tug on each of the seams doesn’t pull anything loose. It is a well-made garment.  And yes, I did the test before I washed it, and because I will never get my grandmother’s voice out of my head, I did the same test after washing them for the first time.  Nothing pulled loose in the wash, there are no loose threads it is still a well-constructed set of panties.  It has a simple design and looks good.

So grandmother’s voice temporarily silenced, there is one test left to go. I have to try them on.

They fit perfectly.

The back

I know that shouldn’t be a surprise as I double checked the measurements before deciding on the size, but it is nice to see that they are actually the size that I chose and fit me perfectly.  I’m hoping that once I lose enough weight to go down a size it will be relatively easy to alter the size in my subscription.  As everything else on the page is relatively easy to deal with, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be as well, but it is something that I will have to update you when the time comes. 

I’m sure you’ve already realized this but, yeah, I am keeping this membership. The underwear is of good quality and it fits me. I agree that if I were to purchase the underwear it would be in the $18 – $28 range.  This pair would probably be closer to $18, but still worth the price of the subscription. This design was nice and somewhat understated. While I like them, I hope that there will be a bit of variety a well.  I suppose we will see.  For now I am very happy starting off 2021 with this new subscription. I am also looking forward to seeing what they come up with for February. It is the month I would expect a lot from an underwear subscription. February seems like the month for an underwear subscription to really shine.  It will be interesting to see what arrives then as well as to see what special options they have available in their on-line store.

If you are interested in trying out the Underclub for yourself, here are two codes you might be interested in.

Receive 10% off purchases in the Underclub Shop with coupon code XTRA10 Or Get a Free Thong with a new subscription. Use code EXTRATHONG at check out!

Underclub also has gift subscriptions available if you are buying the subscription for someone else.

Like i said above, this was my first subscription box from the Underclub, but it has been overwhelmingly positive and i can’t wait to see what arrives next.

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