Lip Service: Reviewing Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipstick

Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bawse

As most of you know by now, I love lip products. Even pairing down the products to my makeup bag every week I usually can’t help but add several to the bag so that I have a selection to choose from.  Occasionally, like with the Trestique mini lip crayons, I just take the entire collection with me into the bathroom and just pick a different one each day. Occasionally two, as I blend them together.

While fun for me, it often means that with my makeup bag posts the lips often are just jumbled into a small section and don’t get the space they deserve.  Why should foundation always take a single post space while they have to huddle into one review? Why should the eyes always have it?

And since this week I am using up the last of a previously reviewed foundation it is time for the lips to have their moment in the spotlight.

close up of the applicator wand

This week while I did again choose several products to use on my lips, I chose one to spotlight on its own.  I’m going to try to remember to do this more often so that each lippie has its moment.

Today, it is the Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid lip. This particular one is in the shade Bawse.

As we all know, I love a bold lip. Color wise, this did not disappoint.  It is a deep rich wine color when applied. There are of course other shades in the line.  I clearly have not tested them all, but I would guess they have similarly intense pigmentation.  The Demi Matte is nice as it provides a shine to the lips so they aren’t matte, but it is not super glossy. I actually like both glossy and matte lips actually but I tend to like my darker shades matte and my lighter shades glossy. 

I have no idea why that is, but if you look through my lipsticks, that is the overarching trend. Even though this is a darker lip, it is not too glossy for me.  I like the shine but don’t think it is too much.

the pre blot color (I know it is crooked, I fixed it after I blotted)

The applicator is a doe foot and I have to say, I really like the shape of it.  There is a slight curve to the applicator and it really helps with applying the liquid lip.  When you get a dark liquid lip, there is always the issue with crazy messy application. (As you can see if you look left, I needed to straighten out my lines let I do an Elvis like curled lip all day.) At least with me.  Or maybe I have messy application with all my lip products and it just shows more with the darker color. Either way, the shape of the applicator’s doe foot really let me control the application and not get super messy with it. 

Post blot first picture of the morning

The product went on really dark and somewhat thick.  I always blot my lips with a tissue before leaving the bathroom, a habit given to me along with my very first lipstick. It is also one I am not likely to break any time soon. If I were going out and not eating or drinking and not wearing a mask I would touch up the edges so that it was neater and not blot as much so I could retain the color more. Maybe not blot if applied just before a photo.

Then blot after the photo. I do love this color.

But I knew without blotting my coffee cup would look like a murder scene. And it would have gotten all over my teeth, no question. The tissue took off the excess product and I have to say I really like the color post blot. I prefer the wine dark of the pre blot, but I did like the post blot color as well.

Also, for this test, since I was only testing the lipstick on it’s own, I did not use a lip liner. Any other time I wore the lipstick, I added a liner, because this one really needs it. I highly recommend using a lip liner for this one to clean up the edges.

So color, both blotted and not, is liked.

But will it last?

the blot

I wore the Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid lip throughout the day (several days in fact) to find out.

While the liquid lip is comfortable to wear, it does not disappear from your mental screen.  There are some lipsticks I can put on and then completely forget I am wearing until I pass by a mirror. This is not one of those.  I always knew I was wearing a lip product. I don’t mind that, but it is something to be aware of it you prefer that it feels like you aren’t wearing anything.

coffee cup rim after waiting five minutes between lip application and drinking

The reason it does not mentally disappear is that the product never fully dries down. It always stays slightly damp throughout the day.  While this does mean that you feel it on your lips and you will leave lip prints behind, it does have a benefit.

It does not cause your lips to dry out. Because it never fully dries down it does not dry your lips out.  In the winter, my lips get dried out a lot on their own, I do not need assistance from my lipstick. Plus, I tend to like darker colors in colder months, which makes this a pretty perfect match for me over the winter.

the rim fifteen minutes after the first sip of coffee

While it doesn’t dry down, it isn’t a sticky formula. You can roll your lips together and they still feel moist, but they don’t stick together as they do with many glosses.  I have never tried a full on glossy lip product from Huda, so I don’t know if their liquid lips do that, but many do and this demi matte did not.

Scattered throughout this post are photos taken of my lips (and coffee cup) throughout the day. The first one was taken of the rim of my coffee mug as I took a sip five minutes after applying the lipstick.  The second coffee mug picture was taken fifteen minutes after the first.  Because it doesn’t dry down, there will be lip prints. They are contained by mostly just drinking from one spot on the cup so you have just one lip print. (and yes for this I wiped the rim of the mug off just to see what was still being left behind fifteen minutes later.)

After lunch

While the color did fade over the course of the day, by the end of the day I still had a reasonable amount of product still on my lips.  In case you are wondering there was a full ten hours between first application and the photo taken at the end of the day. The after lunch photo was taken in my office where I have a lot of natural light, the start and end of the day photos were both taken in my powder room where the light is the same throughout the day.

I did not reapply the product on the day the pictures were taken and at the end of the day I was still happy with the intensity of the color.  Quite frankly I was absolutely thrilled with this liquid lipstick and how it performed. On the upper lip it did bleed a little into the edges of the fine lines when applies with no lip liner. With a lip liner, there was no bleeding into the fine lines. I should also point out that while it is noticeable with these close up photos, I didn’t see it until I zoomed in on the photos. The seep into fine lines is not really noticeable in real life.

End of the day

As one aside, on the day I wore this, the one time I went out with a mask, I wore a black mask (because I didn’t think about it).  While I am certain some lipstick got on the inside of the mask, the product itself wasn’t smeared around on my lips.  And the mask was black so I couldn’t tell what product got on it.  I also only had the mask on for half an hour, maybe forty-five minutes. Most of the time when I am wearing masks I tend to go with products that dry down completely.  I hadn’t anticipated going out with a mask on the day I was testing this , but it didn’t cause trouble. If wearing a mask all day, I would probably not suggest this lipstick, just because it doesn’t dry down all the way.

In the photo below I put the first of the day (post blot) next to the end of the day photo so you can get a better gauge of the color change. The color is clearly faded and the edges are a bit less distinct. This is easily corrected with a lip liner and I highly recommend using a lip liner with this lipstick. The lip liner keeps the edges crisp. I am actually going to pick up a lip liner in a matching shade. I’m hoping that by getting a Bawse lip liner (if there is one) I can keep the initial wine dark color by putting it under the lipstick even if I do blot the lip. (I’ll let you know if my plan works with an update). But even without the color, you need the lip liner to neaten the edges of the top lip.

Start of the day left and end of the day right

Otherwise, I was thrilled with this liquid lip and will be looking into picking up more from the demi-matte line. And probably looking into their matte lips as well.  When looking up the product info for this post and copying down the links I saw the matte Heartbreaker and had an instant craving.  And I’ve never tested the matte lipsticks from Huda Beauty.  Perhaps a future post…

Huda Beauty

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