January 2021 Glossy Box Unboxing

Glossy Box unboxing January

This month I think my January Glossy Box came in record time.  Either that or it just feels that way because I just opened up two Glossy Mystery boxes just last week.  Either way my January Glossy box is here. And it is actually here before the January box sold out. Which means that this particular box is still available for those looking to sign up.

For those that don’t know Glossy Box is $21 per month beauty box. If you sign up for a year membership the price drops to $18 and you are still billed monthly instead of paying in one lump sum.  This is what I do actually.  Thus far, I have enjoyed every box from Glossy Box.  Some months are better than others of course, but on the whole they are a really good box.  If you are not currently a member you can try out the subscription for a discounted price getting your first box for $16 with the code: HAPPY.

But what is in my January box?

First off this box was heavy when it arrived.  Which sort of surprised me.  Then I opened it.  The culprit for the heavy box is the Bioderma Purifying cleansing Micelle Solution.  It is a full size at 16.7 Fl Oz. The full size retails for $9.90. The micelle solution was actually the first spoiler this month, but somehow I thought it was going to be a sample size.  I’m not sure why I thought that, it was a very nice surprise to get a full size though.

Lately, I have really been enjoying using micellar waters as makeup remover.  They are usually very gentle to the skin and an excellent part of a double cleanse. 

I haven’t tried the Bioderma one yet so it will be interesting to try out.  Apparently it is designed to reduce excess sebum so this should be interesting to see how it works.

I have areas (predominantly the areas covered by face masks when I leave the house) that are breaking out due to the moist environs under the mask and I have drier winter spots so my skin is even more combination than usual. I will be curious to see how the product deals with that. I am almost finished with the micellar water I am currently using so this might be next in line for a trial.

But that is for later

The second item I took out of the Glossy box was the Hydra Biome Probiotic Superdose Face mask from Korres. I actually have a full sized jar of this mask and I really like using it when my skin feels a little on the dry side.  Actually it is perfect for switching out with a clay detox mask like the Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile clay mask I used last week. 

While the clay mask cleared out clogged pores and helped clear out blemishes, it could be a little drying on certain parts of the face.  On those parts I ended up using the Korres Hydra-biome Probiotic mask to provide moisture to the dry areas.  It is a really great mask and, as my jar is almost empty, I am happy to have more in any size.  I will be finishing up the jar before opening this tube, but I am very happy to have it on standby. This winter I have really been enjoying the probiotic masks in general. It just seems to be the time of year for them, at least as far as my skin is concerned.

The third item in this month’s box was from a company I have heard of but never tried. It is Seed Phytonutrients Lightweight Facial Lotion. It retails for $34 which more than pays for the box. Looking at the label, the ingredients list looks pretty good.  It is for normal to oily skin though so I think I might hold off on trying it out for a little while.  My skin tends to be normal leaning towards dry in the winter and normal leaning towards oily in the summer.  I think that the best test of this might be in the spring/summer when my skin is in it’s target zone. I like to give products the best chance of working. So I will be putting it aside until then.  I am thrilled that it is a full size though. while I love trying out the sample sizes of new products, I also like being able to give them a full test.

One item that will probably get a test soon, possibly even this week, is the High Maintenance Peeling mask from High Beauty. I have tried foil packets of a serum and a moisturizer from High Beauty but nothing larger.  I really liked the one use foil packets, as the product seemed really nice, but clearly didn’t see any real results from such a small sample.  This trial sized tube looks like it will have at least a couple of uses.  Peeling masks aren’t usually my favorite, but I have been known to give them a try, and I am pleased to be able to try out more from the brand. As cannabis infused products have been arriving in more and more subscription boxes and in a wider variety of products I’ve stated looking into the benefits of CBD in all its forms of skin and hair care so I may end up doing a post just on CBD soon.

I know that having this mask in here means that technically speaking there are two masks in this box. However I am okay with it as they are two very different sorts of masks. I think if they were both sheet masks or bot probiotic masks or even both peel off masks I would find it a little strange. But having a probiotic mask and a peel off mask in the same box doesn’t bother me. But then again, I really like masks and I know I love the Korres one and am eager to try out the High Beauty one, so that could also account for it. Personally I am pretty happy with both of them.

I am also thrilled by the Afterspa Reusable rounds that came in this month’s box.  While I have limited my cleansing wipes to only occasional things and use my Makeup Eraser in place of a lot of throw away items, I do use cotton rounds. One of the ways I want to reduce my waste this year is to use more reusable cotton rounds.  I just hadn’t gotten around to looking into them yet.  I will happily try out these from Afterspa and decide it I like them enough to stock at least a week’s worth so that I can lower the amount of waste I produce just that much more. 

The final item in my box is the ZOLT Balance CBD Drink Mix It is caffeine free, coconut flavored and designed to raise your performance emotionally and physically. You can mix it into water and have a coconut flavored water of mix it in with a smoothie. 

At least according to the package.  I have to be honest, I’m not a big fan of drink mixes in general.  I tend to drink water (mostly carbonated with my Soda Stream because I find I simply drink more water if it is carbonated.) and if I want flavored water I generally buy a bottle of HINT (Blackberry is my all-time favorite but watermelon is growing on me) or I’ll just make tea or coffee.  I’ll try it, but I can’t say I am terribly excited by the Zolt drink mix. I’ll keep an open mind with it and who knows, I may try it like it and become a devotee.  But as an item in my beauty box, I can’t say it thrills me.

It is actually the only item in this month’s box that doesn’t thill me.  January isn’t the most exciting box, but all of the products are ones I am looking forward to using (with the drink mix exception).  I think the item I am most excited by are the Afterspa Reusable rounds. I also think it might be the least expensive item in the box which actually amuses me. I can’t wait to see how well the rounds perform and how well they last up with repeated washes.  I’ll keep you posted as I use them. All in all this Glossy Box was well worth the price I paid for it and I am very happy to have received this box.

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