The Daily: January 14th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings I hope your day today has been absolutely fabulous. This morning I woke up with a sore neck and shoulder and a slight headache (mostly from the sore neck) So I skipped my morning workout.

Oddly, enough my babydoll also woke up a bit stiff. we were both mystified, but went about our days. About an hour ago he texted me from the office.

‘I think it might be the pillows.’

After some thought I realized it has been quite some time since we replaced our pillows and looking at them now, I realize they are a great deal flatter than they were when we purchased them. I think we may have found the culprit. I may have unnecessarily blamed certain workouts for my sore neck muscles. The pillows need to be replaced anyway so we will replace them and see if the problem is solved. Fingers crossed that the solution is found.

So tonight there will be online pillow shopping. I suspect a new mattress is not far away either. we picked this one up when we were both at our heaviest and it has now has some indentations that don’t match us any more.

So that will be another fun discussion.

But we are going to start with the pillows and see where we end up.

My walk was a short one today again because of the cold. I know that makes me sound a bit wimpy but it isn’t exactly the cold I mind. it is the damp cold I mind. The cold I have no problem walking in. I just bundle up really well and I’m off. Right now we have high humidity and low temps. It means that we get pretty silver white frosting on everything each morning, but it also means that after about five minutes breathing outside my lungs inform me that they would prefer i return to the house. They have never liked the cold damp. It is days like this that I really miss the gym.

But with my stiff neck, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the gym today had that been an option. So a little icy hot on my neck and it is back to work for me. Then tonight we order pillows and talk about a new mattress. perhaps I will add some decorative pillow cases as well. I was poking around on Boldloft and they have some really cute ones for valentines day. I always like to do a little something for the house on valentines day. It isn’t the full on holiday decorations, but just a little something. And the pillow cases are absolutely adorable.

Of course so are the glasses. and mugs. This is the glass set I have been eyeing a while. It is adorable and perfect for Valentine’s day. Many of their items are marked down at the moment so it isn’t a bad time to place an order.

Maybe when I order pillows I’ll order pillow cases as well as part of a bed refresh moment. Not sure i can justify the glasses as anything other than an early valentines. Luckily, my babydoll loves Valentines day. Okay, mostly he loves the fact that he can buy big boxes of chocolate and people smile sweetly at him instead of judging him.

I should point out that I only get one or two pieces of the chocolate. He is our household chocolate fiend. But me ordering glasses will remind him that Valentines day aka the chocolate extravaganza approaches, making him happy as we start researching new mattresses. New mattresses, while a necessity every now and again, don’t make him as happy as chocolate.

But such is life.

And now i will get back to it. I will see you bright and early tomorrow for the weekly weigh in. I’m hoping I have started to lose some of the holiday weight.

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